KAY/O is the latest addition to VALORANT’s playable agents list. We compiled some of the players’ reactions to his abilities.

VALORANT released originally with 10 agents. Since then, we have seen the addition of Reyna, Killjoy, Skye, Yoru, Astra, and now, we are getting KAY/O. The robotic Initiator agent described as a "machine of war" that its soul purpose is to neutralize radiants.

KAY/O comes to the game to kickstart Episode 3: Act 1 on June 22, 2021. His abilities are meant to disrupt other agents' capabilities and level the playground to a pure skill showdown. It won't be available for selection during the VCT Stage 3 around the world, but we will get to enjoy him beginning with Challengers 2.

Let us get the reaction of VALORANT professional players, streamers, esports orgs and other notable figures in the community on KAY/O.

Sentinels ShahZaM

"Man, you can pop flash so easily with this. It is like a CS:GO flash. This is going to be so fun to play. Oh my god, I want to play this agent so bad. It reminds me of CS. Wait, you can bounce it too? Whattttt? Remember how you just popped a flash above you and then peek with it straight away. He is a better Phoenix bro for real."

"Wait so for his ultimate, they are only suppressed with each pulse apparently. The combat stim feels slower than the Reyna one. Actually, no it is probably the same. His E though man. This is f**king sick. I am actually so hyped," expressed ShahZaM while trying out KAY/O.

Liquid ScreaM

"Honestly, he looks badass bro. Why they put a shotgun on him though on the loading screen? Worst gun in the game man," continues ScreaM. "It is a weak grenade. I don't like this nade that much. It doesn't go that far too. Oh it does a lot of damage though. The second ability is the flash? I think it is really strong."

"KAY/O ult is insane bro. Imagine now you take site, and you make sure enemy can't use any abilities to get in. It is really good."

100 Thieves Hiko

"His E actually does work through walls and objects. See? It worked. It can be used for information. For his ultimate, every time it pulses, every time you see this purple radius coming out of you, it suppresses enemies in its range. You actually can't see how actually big the radius is on the map. It is pretty huge, pretty massive to be fair."

"Wait, try to ult before you die to see how his resurrection works. Oh, it worked. You are back now. When you are down, you have 850 health so you can kill me actually. There is a 15 second timer though on it so it will definitely finish before someone shoots you long enough for that 850. Can you look around while you are dead? Nah, I can't move at all."

Hiko overall liked how KAY/O felt but wanted to see how effective his kit is during actual games and its interaction with other utilities from VALORANT's agents.

Sentinels TenZ

"Oh, he sounds like a robot. The grenade (C ability Frag/Ment) does more damage closer to the center. This thing has an insane radius. It is like 40 or 45 damage on the outside. And if you are like directly on the edge, it is like 30-35, maybe. That's cool though because you can combine it with your teammates' abilities."

"His flashbang (Flash/Drive) is really good. That's such a standard flash. That's such a CS flash. Oh my god, the flash right click is insane. Hold on, this character is insane. It is kind of busted actually. His E is basically an EMP but that's nuts. That's such a solid EMP grenade, what?"

"Let's see his ultimate. Wait, they can't use their abilities no matter what. They can't use their abilities for the entire duration. That's such a solid suppress. During this entire time, you can not use any abilities, and if a Killjoy ults, you just ult and her shit breaks and they can't use any more abilities. It goes through walls as well? That's ridiculous man."

KAY/O certainly caught TenZ's eye to say the least.

NRG ethos

Shroud tries out KAY/O's abilities

"This guy's knife is going to be used for so much information rather than anything else. Players will be like: 'is anyone left side hookah?' then you pop his E and alright. Anybody at B site? No, alright, we are good," on KAY/O's E ability.

"I thought his ultimate grows bigger with each pulse but it looks like it doesn't actually. That's interesting. It is like a little bit bigger than your circle of audio cue hearing. I really thought each pulse has a bigger diameter. That actually doesn't seem as good as I thought it was. It just pulses from you rather than increasing with each pulse. Damn, that ultimate actually isn't that good, " commented Shroud on his ultimate.

"The flashes are sick though. This is my favorite part about him. The flashes are insane. I feel like that is what he is going to be used for most because you can throw it like in Counter-Strike and peek off of it. Players will be like ''you want to peek? aight cool' and then you throw it and they swing," on KAY/O's Q ability Flash/Drive.

SoaR Gaming

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