VALORANT Patch 3.05 is bringin a new map and Agent interactions.

Patch 3.05 is bringing substantial changes to VALORANT in form of ability damage, ability interactions, and the introduction of an entirely new map. Alongside these changes are several quality of life fixes and Battlepass progression updates. These are the highlights from VALORANT Patch 3.05.

Agent Changes coming in VALORANT Patch 3.05

A majority of Agent changes in VALORANT Patch 3.05 are centered around decreasing ability damage and focusing on tactical uses. This is done through changing how Agent ultimates interact with opponent's abilities. Breach, Brimstone, Sova, Killjoy, and Raze will all see notable changes.


The trio of Agents will be receiving significant buffs to their respective ultimates and zoning abilities. Now, their chosen abilities will not only damage enemy Agents, but any opposing Agent utility caught in their range. Breach's Aftershock will now be able to damage Killjoy's Alarmbot/Nanoswarm/Lockdown, Cypher's Tripwire, Reyna's Leer, Sage's Barrier, Sova's Recon Bolt, and KAY/O's Zero/Point.

Sova's Hunter's Fury and Brimstone's Orbital Strike will be able to damage a slightly smaller array of enemy utility. For both abilities, this includes Killjoy's Nanoswarm, Cypher's Tripwire, Sage's Barrier, Sova's Recon Bolt, and KAY/O's Zero/Point.


Killjoy's turrent is seeing a pretty significant nerf in terms of bullet tagging. Though seldom used for kills, Killjoy's turret provides chip damage and a crucial slow applied to anyone hit by the turret. VALORANT Patch 3.05 however will nerf the slow, taking it from 72.5% to a 29.5%. The justification is that the turret can feel too oppressive during early pistol rounds and should not massively impede objective rushes.


Raze is seeing perhaps the most significant nerf in VALORANT Patch 3.05. Her Boom Bot has clearly moved from a zoning tool to an outright kill threat. Able to track and one-shot opponents with light shields, these nerfs seek to return the Boom Bot to its original state. This will be done by decreasing the max (125 -> 80) and min (50 -> 30) damage. Raze players will get a consolation prize as the cost of Boom Bot's cost will be from 400 credits to 300.

VALORANT Patch 3.05 brings in the newest map, Fracture

VALORANT's newest addition to the map pool, Fracture, will also go live with VALORANT patch 3.05. This new map stands to be the most unique location yet. Fracture has countless new, and interesting features including ziplines, creative spawn points, and a split map. For more information on Fracture, check out our overview of the map here!

Along with adding this new map, players will be able to get accustom to this new setting on the 'Fracture Only' game mode. Similar to when Breeze came out, this will allow players to compete exclusively on the new map in an unrated setting. The Fracture Only mode will only last for two weeks after Patch 3.05's launch. After this two week period, Fracture will enter the competitive map pool.

Competitive Updates

Immortal rank tiers 1/2/3 will officially return with the release Patch 3.05. The Leaderboard will also now be able to differentiate players in each of these three different tiers. Players in Diamond will see a lateral shift over to Immortal, as Diamond 1 will shift to Immortal 1, Diamond 2 to Immortal 2, and Diamond 3 to Immortal 3. There will also be a redistribution of players at higher ranks.

Battlepass Progression Updates

Patch 3.05 brings some boost to Battlepass holders. Upgrading to the Premium Battlepass will now provide a 3% XP boost matchmaking games until the end of Act II. This will not be a retroactive upgrade, so if you upgraded early then you will still get the slight XP boost. The XP boost does not apply to either daily or weekly missions.

Bug fixes

Several bugged Agent interactions commonly seen will also be cleared up with VALORANT Patch 3.05. These fixes will include:

  • A bug where overlapping Viper smokes cause the nearsight and decay debuffs to cancel out.
  • Omen could be stuck in objects if they blocked the return location of his From The Shadows ability.
  • Another Omen bug where he equipped his weapon slower after casting Dark Shadows.
  • Astra will no longer equip her weapon slower after exiting Astral form.
  • KAY/O's bug where NULL/cmd waves destroyed the glass on Ascend.