Console Updates join Duelist Overhaul in Patch 8.11.

In the weeks leading up to VALORANT Patch 8.11, Riot Games already revealed many of the changes. They publicly shared Agent changes on X. And the Map Pool shake-up began with the release of Abyss. Here’s what’s new in the Patch notes for 8.11.

Patch 8.11 covers VALORANT's Console Experience

The biggest news in VALORANT Patch 8.11 is all the changes coming to the Console Beta. The Console Beta begins on June 14 at 1 p.m. PT. While details for the beta program were out, the developers have now released details on all the game modes, maps, and the new player experience.

A New Player Tips system will "listen" to your in-match actions and will level up the tips to help improve your gameplay. That gameplay will be limited to just four maps initially however.

The team has decided that a map pool of ABYSS, ASCENT, BIND, and HAVEN will make learning core mechanics easier. That, combined with the lack of Competitive game mode till patch 9.0, means players can take their time getting used to the game rather than grinding for ranks.

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Console players will also get access to new AI modes. These include New Basic Training Tutorials, New Bot Training Matches, and New Practice Options. Most intriguing of these is the Bot Training Matches, which will be a full Swiftplay match on Haven with AI-controlled bots and teammates.

Here are the major patch notes for Console Players:


  • Our New Player Tips have been built from the ground up for Console Limited Beta to give you more opportunities to skill-up and learn VALORANT faster via:
    • Tips that 'listen' to your in-match actions and behaviors
    • Tips that level up with you as you learn the fundamentals of VALORANT gameplay, from beginner to advanced strategies
    • If you’re a returning player, New Player Tips won't show up, since you already have a good grasp of the fundamentals. If they do pop up, and you’d like them to stop, you can always switch them off in Settings


  • New console players will have access to a limited number of maps for beta launch. We know there’s a lot to learn when you’re new to VALORANT, so we’re limiting the map pool to allow players who are queuing up for the first time have an easier time learning core mechanics and map layouts.
    • The initial map pool for console will include ABYSS, ASCENT, BIND, and HAVEN
    • A new map will be added on every patch starting with 9.0
    • There will also be a limited number of modes queues for console Beta (please see “mode updates” section)
  • All Team Deathmatch maps will be available for console beta
  • All 11 VALORANT spike mode maps will be available in the Custom Game mode


  • The open range has been updated for console beta
    • Various visual updates to the environment
    • Visual updates to in-world UI panels (bot shooting range & practice target)
    • Practice target has moved to a new location
    • Portal & playable mini training modules have been removed from the environment


  • Console players will have access to a limited number of modes for the Limited Beta launch
  • Console Limited Beta players will have access to:
    • Unrated
    • Swift Play
    • Deathmatch
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Custom Games
      • Competitive mode will go live for console players in patch 9.0


    • The in-game tutorial has been updated for console launch! All players queuing up on Console will auto-load into a new training experience that goes over the basics of VALORANT gameplay (shooting mechanics, agent abilities, match format, and more!)
    • There is an OPTIONAL bot match for new players who want to warm up with AI controlled bots and teammates. This special match is meant for new players that want to apply what they just learned in the basic training tutorial.
    • The bot training match is a full Swift Play match on Haven.
    • The practice menu has been updated for console launch
      • Open Range (will spawn player directly in front of the bot shooting range)
      • Replay Tutorial (ability to replay new tutorial experience)
      • Removed old training modules from the practice menu

VALORANT PC updates in Patch 8.11

However, PC players aren't left out with many changes coming in Patch 8.11. First up, the Esports Hub sees some improvements with players' roles being added to rosters. New radio command wheels aim to improve communication with strategy wheels available in the Buy Phase. The commands menu will also receive updated VO on PC.

Abyss' entry into the game also brings a new Abyss Queue running for a week to allow familiarity with the map. The patch notes also confirm the new map pool for Competitive, Deathmatch, and Premier game modes. You can check out our previous article on the topic to learn more.

On the other hand, unrated Swift Play, Spike Rush, and Escalation move to an Open Map Pool, meaning all 11 maps will be fair play. Minor changes to performance mean faster loading for dual-threaded systems. Finally, Premier will now see top teams get promotion notifications in the game after their season concludes, and there is a Store visual update.

Here are the significant updates to VALORANT PC in Patch 8.11:

Esports Hub Team Page Improvements

  • We’ve added roles to our roster information to help differentiate between players, substitutes, and coaches.
  • We’ve added blurbs highlighting the personality and accomplishments for teams in VCT Americas and VCT Pacific, with more on the way!

Command Wheels

  • These changes add specificity & clarity to the existing communication tools and add new ways for teammates to strategize and communicate:
    • New Strategy Wheels during the Buy Phase
    • Unique Strategy Wheels for Attackers and Defenders
    • New Commands Wheel on the Megamap
    • Updated options on existing Command Wheels
    • Updated VO on existing Commands Menu (PC only)
    • Streamlined Wheels to feature our most important command options

VALORANT Map Pool Updates in Patch 8.11

  • Please note, there are significant map pool updates in the 8.11 patch. In addition to a brand new map entering the rotation, we have made the following changes.
  • Starting in patch 8.11, Competitive, Deathmatch, & Premier queues will contain ASCENT, BIND, ICEBOX, LOTUS, SUNSET, and HAVEN (returning).
    • ABYSS will enter the competitive pool in patch 9.0.
    • ABYSS will enter the premier pool in patch 9.02.
    • BREEZE and SPLIT have been removed from the above map pools.
  • Starting in patch 8.11, Unrated, Swift Play, Spike Rush, & Escalation will move to an OPEN map pool. All maps (including ABYSS) will be available in these queues.

Premier Updates in VALORANT Patch 8.11

  • After playoffs on June 23, teams that performed well enough will get promotion notifications!
    • If you’re in Open - Elite Divisions, win your playoff bracket and you’ll see a notification when you return to the Premier hub.
    • If you’re in the Contender Division, finish in the top 32 teams and you’ll see a notification the first time you visit the Premier hub after the standings finalization time.
  • If you’re on a team that earned a promotion, your division icon on the Premier hub and Premier Team page will have a promotion indicator for the rest of Stage E8A3.
    • If you’re in Open - Elite Divisions, you’ll be placed at least one division higher at the start of Stage E9A1.
    • If you’re in the Contender Division, you’ll be placed into the new Invite Division, where you’ll compete for an opportunity to make it into a Challengers League.

Patch Notes confirm Agent Changes

The biggest part of VALORANT Patch 8.11 is the Agent Changes to balance out all Duelists. The updates particularly hit on Raze and Jett's Dominance.

The changes were already announced earlier but are now confirmed and going live shortly. These should bring more variety to the Duelist field and allow all players to flourish. Read this article for more details on the same.

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