VALORANT has released upcoming Agent updates.

RIOT have released the Agent updates coming with VALORANT patch 8.11 early. These changes are potentially pretty game changing, so the team wanted to give players a heads up in order for the player base to prepare for the update.

There are more updates coming when the full VALORANT 8.11 Patch Notes release. These notes are coming on June 11.

VALORANT explain logic behind 8.11 Agent updates

Outlining the overall emphasis behind the upcoming Agent updates, the VALORANT team explained that these changes are focused around allowing other Duellists their ability to shine. At the moment, Agents like Jett and Raze are very dominant in this class.

These updates, VALORANT hope, will see Agents like Neon and Reyna be a much more appealing alternative to Jett and Raze.

All VALORANT 8.11 Agent Updates:

Here are all the changes shared by the VALORANT team.


ISO is getting a series of buffs to combat his underperformance in all skill brackets. His signature ability is a key area of improvement, with VALORANT hoping that he will be more reliable at challenging contested spaces and able to win more opening duels.

  • Double Tap (E)
  • Iso now grants himself a shield upon finishing a 1 second animation during which he can’t use his gun.
  • This plays a shield forming sound at the end of the channel when the shield is activated.
  • Charges 2 >>> 1
  • Kill reset added to Double Tap (Iso gets a charge back if he gets 2 kills).
  • Iso now receives a Wall Penetration tag instead of a standard Heavy Penetration tag when the shield is broken. This means he’s slowed less upon his shield breaking.
  • Additionally, Iso now gets a damage indicator towards the direction of the enemy that broke the shield
  • Iso can now recast Double Tap while it’s active to refresh the duration of the shield.
  • This is relevant if he gets a refreshed charge of his Double Tap from getting 2 kills.


Neon, another VALORANT agent getting updates in the 8.11 patch, should be better at taking mobile fights with opponents when this patch releases. She will no longer have any weapon movement error while sliding, allowing Neon players to be a lot more aggressive with this ability.

Fast Lane (C)

  • Fast Lane (C) dissipates from behind to minimize visual noise in combat space while giving cover for Neon.
  • Fast Lane’s (C) audio has been updated to travel with the fade out of the wall.
  • Wall Duration 6s >>> 4s
  • Wall Dissolve Duration 1s >>> 2s

High Gear (E)

  • Sprint
  • Neon no longer has her strafe speed reduced while sprinting.
  • Max Sprint Speed while moving sideways 6.73 meters/second >>> 9.11 meters/second
  • Time until Full Fuel Regen 60s >>> 20s
  • Slide
  • Slide charges 1 >>> 2
  • Neon now removes all weapon movement error when sliding.
  • This effectively means she’s more accurate while sliding.
  • Second Slide Cost: 150
  • Equips out of slide: Fast >>> Instant
  • Slide equip buffer >>> .2s (after sliding, there is .2 seconds before her gun comes out)

Relay Bolt (Q)

  • Charges 2 >>> 1
  • Windup delay 1.1s >>> .8s
  • Concuss Duration 3.0s >>> 3.5s


Reyna is getting both buffs and nerfs in this upcoming set of VALORANT 8.11 Agent updates. These are designed to reduce how dominant she can be in Ranked, but increase her value in coordinated settings.

Devour (Q)

  • Healing decreased 100 >>> 50
  • Full heal time reduced from 3s >>> 2s
  • Overheal of armor no longer decays after a timer.

Dismiss (E)

  • Top speed increased 9.1 meters/second >>> 12 meters/second
  • Total duration of Dismiss reduced from 2s >>> 1.5s

Empress (X)

  • Empress no longer has a timer and is permanent until Reyna is killed or the round ends.

Raze 8.11 VALORANT Agent updates:

Raze is getting some nerfs, to allow better counter play against them.

Blast Pack (Q)

  • Raze’s satchels no longer explode for damage/knockback upon opponent destruction.
  • Raze’s horizontal velocity when satcheling has been slowed.
  • Satchel explosion audio has been updated to be audible farther away to ensure enemies can hear the first satchel when a Raze double satchels.


Finally Clove is also getting some nerfs. They have been very strong since their release. These VALORANT 8.11 Agent updates will remove some of Cloves power from their selfish power while preserving the controller-leaning power their kit has.

Pick-Me-Up (C)

  • Cost 100 >>> 200
  • Duration 10s >>> 8s
  • Damaging Assist Time to activate 10s >>> 6s

Not Dead Yet (X)

  • Cost 7 >>> 8
  • Unequip Delay .7 >>> .8s
  • BUG FIX: Clove’s ultimate will no longer survive the fighting state if they get a smoke assist.

Stay tuned to for the full VALORANT 8.11 Patch Notes when they release on June 11.