After years of rumors that VALORANT is coming to console, Riot Games is finally giving it a shot with a Limited Beta test.

A news post on the VALORANT Indonesian website indicated a VALORANT console Limited Beta is on its way. Just a short while later, Riot Games confirmed this at Summer Game Fest and with a post on the US version of the site.

A console beta is on its way, with limited keys available, where you'll be able to test out the first-person shooter on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.

Look no further for all the details on how to join, when it takes place, and what else to expect.

How to join the VALORANT console Limited Beta

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

The VALORANT console Limited Beta is, well, limited. You have to register and hope you get picked. Here's how to do so:

  1. Go to the VALORANT console beta test website
  2. Select Register Now
  3. Sign in to your Riot Games account you use to play VALORANT or create a new one
  4. Let the page reload to confirm your registration

That's all there is to it. You'll need to wait for an email, to the one attached to the account you signed in with.

If you're chosen, you'll be told how to access the game and you'll receive five referral links to invite your friends.

When does the beta begin and end?

The VALORANT console Limited Beta starts on June 14 at 1 p.m. PT. Keys won't go out until it is live, so it doesn't look like there is a way to pre-download it on your console.

If you do get access, you should have a good amount of time to play. There's no specific end date. Riot states that test will simply end when they feel confident that the game is ready for release.

Other VALORANT console Limited Beta details

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

Here are some additional details provided by Riot Games, just so you know what to expect from the VALORANT console Limited Beta test:

  • Banned VALORANT or Riot Games accounts are ineligible
  • USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan receive first access with more regions added later in the test
  • First-time players will have a selection of a few Agents to play
  • Sign in with your Riot Games account to carry over any Agents, skins, and accessories to the console version
  • Any skins bought or Battle Pass items earned in the VALORANT console Limited Beta transfer over to the PC version
  • Everyone who plays during the Limited Beta period, whether on console or PC, will receive a special player card
  • Console players can play against console players, but there will be no crossplay with PC

Fingers crossed you can get it and help with the test. Enjoy!

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