The time to download the VALORANT Console Limited Beta is now! If you were lucky enough to get a code, that is.

Did you get an invite in your email? Or perhaps a referral link from one of your friends? If so, congratulations! You're in the VALORANT Console Limited Beta, and we'll walk you through some easy steps on how to download it.

How to claim your VALORANT Console Limited Beta code

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(Screenshot via

There are two ways to get a code that allow you to download the VALORANT Console Limited Beta. Those are:

  • Receive an invite from Riot Games after having registered
  • Receive a referral code from a friend who Riot invited to join the Beta

If you are of the first method, look in your email associated with the Riot Games account you registered from. Just simply follow the link in that email, sign in to your account, and select either Xbox or PlayStation.

The same goes for the second method. The only difference is the link you get is a referral link from your friend rather than an email invite from Riot Games. After you select your platform, you'll receive your code to download the VALORANT Console Limited Beta.

How to download the VALORANT Beta on PlayStation and Xbox

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

The test is not available for last-generation consoles. If you want to download and play the VALORANT Console Limited Beta, you'll need an Xbox Series X/S or a PlayStation 5.

Once you have your code as explained above, it is time to download the game. The way to do so is very similar across both platforms, so follow these steps:

  1. Copy your code and go to the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store websites
    • Alternatively, you can keep your eyes on the code and go to the stores directly on your console itself
  2. Input the code to your respective platform
  3. Select the option to download the VALORANT Console Limited Beta
    • If you use the web browser method, make sure your console is on and connected to the internet to start the download that way
  4. Wait for the download to complete and then jump in the game

That's all there is to it. Of course, the hard part is getting a code in the first place.

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