Captain America could be switching back to CS:GO.

100 Thieves are continuing their onslaught of roster changes after it was announced IGL Nicholas “Nitr0” Cannella has been transferred to an unnamed organization.

“As we continue to reshape our VALORANT roster for the future, we are announcing the transfer of Nitr0 from 100 Thieves.” The Twitter statement reads. “Nick helped to create a winning culture and lifted us to championship heights. We’d like to wish him the best in his next chapter.” It concludes.

Nitr0 enjoyed relative success throughout his time with 100 Thieves. Throughout the duration of his 16-month tenure with the organization, most notably his 3rd-4th place finish at VCT Masters Berlin. Unfortunately, the team was unable to find success once they made a risky decision to bench former IGL Joshua “Steel” Nissan weeks before the VCT NA Last Chance qualifier. And after a short tenure as the 100 Thieves IGL, Nitr0 will follow suit as he exits the org and possibly VALORANT.

Where does Nitr0 go next?

The former CS:GO player has been linked to rumors of a possible reunion with Team Liquid, with whom he built his brand. On Team Liquid, Nitr0 was known as the face and captain of the CS:GO team.

Before retiring, Nitr0 was the in-game leader and who many viewed as the face of Team Liquid’s CS:GO lineup.

Since Nitr0’s departure from Team Liquid, things have not been great for the North American dynasty. And after multiple months of trying with their current roster, it was officially announced that the team would be making changes to their lineup. The only question is who exactly are those people. All that is known so far is that one of those answers could possibly take the form of their longtime captain.

If Nitr0 were to rejoin Team Liquid, he would reunite with Jonathan “EliGe” Jablonowski and Keith “NAF” Markovic. Both Jake “Stewie2k” Yip and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo are reportedly considering unassociated offers. And while a return from both players is not off the table, it is likely FalleN will not return due to sharing a similar IGL AWPing role to Nitr0.

For now, longtime fans of Nitr0 need to bide their time before getting to see him back in the CS:GO or VALORANT pro scene. 

Valorant Champions 2021 has now concluded its group stage. Champions now enters the Playoffs Bracket where only eight teams remain. The four quarterfinal matchups will take place December 8-9 starting with Team Secret vs Acend and Team Liquid vs Cloud9.

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