The new $50,000 tournament will span multiple weeks with plenty of top EMEA sides expected to be in attendance.

Valorant Champions has concluded! - congratulations on LOUD making history and lifting the trophy. Now that the 2022 season is in the history books, fans can now look forward to the three new franchised leagues coming to VCT in 2023. While the Brazil kick-off event does not take place until February, EMEA fans will be treated to more Valorant action sooner than you think.

Riot Games has announced they will be partnering with Swedish Esports platform G-Loot to bring the first VCT off-season tournament, the G-Loot Clash. will bring you the guide to the G-Loot Clash Valorant tournament - detailing which teams will be participating, the tournament format and more.

“We are extremely proud to have entered a partnership with Riot Games for the VCTOFF//Season,” said Simon Sundén, G-Loot’s Vice President & Head of Esports.

Which teams will be participating in the G-Loot Clash?

At the moment no teams have been confirmed for the G-Loot Clash although, in the announcement article, Riot stated some of the best teams from the EMEA region will be in attendance for this tournament.

With the introduction of the new franchised leagues, it is unclear if any of the new rosters will be on show at this event.

What is the format for the G-Loot Clash?

<em>Screenshot courtesy of G-Loot</em>
Screenshot courtesy of G-Loot

The G-Loot Clash tournament will consist of the top VCT sides from Europe, amongst other teams that will earn their place via the qualifiers.

The format for this Valorant tournament is as followed. The G-Loot clash will officially kick off on October 19 with three different qualifiers; Europe West, Europe East and Turkey and MENA. These three qualifiers will run from October 19 until October 23.

Eight teams from the three qualifiers will join the teams from the G-Loot Brawl, a subsequent event in the next stage known as The Showdown. The Showdown will take place from October 28 until October 30. The results of these matches will decide which teams will advance to the final tournament known as the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals will run from November 25 until November 27, hosted by a team of casters and analysts in Stockholm Sweden. The Grand Finals will consist of 16 teams, including some of the best VCT teams in Europe.

The exact format for each of these events will be confirmed at a later date.

How can I watch the G-Loot Clash?

Fans looking to see their favorite Valorant players in action can do so by checking out G-Loot's Twitch, YouTube and TikTok pages.

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