Boostio shares his thoughts on Breeze changes and Fracture rotating out cover image

Boostio shares his thoughts on Breeze changes and Fracture rotating out

Evil Geniuses’ Boostio provides a brief response to Breeze returning to the map pool and Fracture being taken out.

Evil Geniuses is on a tear through VALORANT Champions 2023. And it comes with barely playing their signature map of Fracture. The team finally had the chance to play it in the Upper Semifinals against DRX, and of course won. In-game leader Kelden "Boostio" Pupello will tell you all about how they favor it.

Well, they'll have to find a new home ground soon. Fracture is rotating out of the map pool as Breeze returns with significant changes. Pearl is also leaving, with an assumed new map taking its place. After besting DRX, we asked Boostio his thoughts on Fracture's exit during the post-match press conference.

Looking past Fracture and Breeze, Boostio hopes there's no Icebox

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Prior to taking Fracture from DRX at Champions, Evil Geniuses last played the map against Paper Rex in the Masters Tokyo Lower Final. They both played a part in what is now six straight wins on Fracture. And with it being EG's most well-known map, we had to ask Boostio his thoughts on it leaving the pool and Breeze making a comeback.

Boostio: "It definitely sucks that Fracture's going, because we love that map. I mean, the Breeze changes look pretty good, to be honest. I'm kind of excited, just to try it out. I just hope they don't add Icebox back. I have a love/hate relationship with Breeze. It'll be fun to try it out, but it sucks that Fracture is gone."

There are no signs pointing towards an Icebox return, and Boostio is probably thankful for that. But when it comes to Fracture, its been clear this is a map Evil Geniuses thrive on. They've also shown that they can win when other teams opt to ban it.

EG will probably need to cement themselves on another map, though that should not be too hard given the recent success of the team. Perhaps they'll find themselves fans of the new-look Breeze or whatever potential second map moves in with Fracture and Pearl leaving.

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