VALORANT brings back Breeze with huge changes come Episode 7 Act 2 cover image

VALORANT brings back Breeze with huge changes come Episode 7 Act 2

VALORANT players have a love/hate relationship with Breeze, so Riot Games has made some changes prior to its return to the map pool.

The map pool in VALORANT is constantly changing. Older maps that were rotated out receive tweaks and come back in place of maps taking their leave. The next set of map rotations in VALORANT sees Breeze return with a slew of changes, replacing Fracture and Pearl. One can assume the new map that was teased is the second one slotting in.

VALORANT Episode 7 Act 2 marks the return of Breeze with a handful of changes

The last map to return was Bind, and it was changed for the better according to the community. The verdict won't be out on the Breeze changes until Episode 7 Act 2 begins. That's when VALORANT players will get to test it out for the first time.

When they do jump in, they will already be familiar with the changes made. VALORANT has provided the updates, so it won't come as a surprise to anyone. All important areas of the map will have some sort of alteration to them, drastically changing how the map is played.

Changes to Mid Pillar and Mid Cubby on Breeze

Breeze receives some big changes to the middle portion of the map. The pillar no longer allows you to wrap around it. It creates a one way path towards the Mid Wood Doors location. The cubby is essentially removed altogether.

B Site and B Back updates

The B Site changes on Breeze aren't as major as others, but may still prove to be impactful. While the pillar remains, the stairs down to the back of site are gone. The wall has been raised, a jump up box has been added, and the broken down wall has been straightened out.

A Hall and Mid Wood Doors

The A Hall area has been overhauled. This was a popular spot for VALORANT players to have Operator battles on Breeze. It may still occur, but the path from one side to the other has been blocked and marked with a Keep Out sign. When it comes to the middle doors, a stack of boxes have been placed for cover and the door is now wide open rather than angled.

Adjustments made to A Shop and A Cave

The A Shop and A Cave area of VALORANT's Breeze map are perhaps the most significantly changed. Much like A Hall, a portion of the cave is now blocked. There's only one entrance through the shop area. It is filled with boxes for cover, but definitely funnels any movement towards A Site to one direction.

Breeze A Site tweaks

The final Breeze changes coming in Episode 7 Act 2 are to A Site. Nothing wild here, but the pyramids are a bit thicker and taller. They also have a shrimp and a crab decal on them. The extra cover will be nice, but one can only assume the heightened pyramids was to stop Jett players from updrafting and dashing over them.

When will VALORANT Episode 7 Act 2 and the Breeze changes arrive?

Episode 7 kicked off with the launch of Team Deathmatch, the addition of Deadlock, and so much content in terms of skins and accessories. Well, its first Act is about to come to an end, which simply means Act 2 is up next.

The Episode 7 Act 1 Battlepass countdown ends on August 29. That means VALORANT Episode 7 Act 2, and the Breeze changes coming with it, should arrive with the update happening on that day. Fingers crossed there are no delays.

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*All images courtesy of Riot Games and VALORANT.