The NA Franchised org has let go of William “Will” Cheng.

100 Thieves has officially signed Matthew "Cryocells" Panganiban to its Valorant roster, the org announced today. 

As Valorant fans eagerly await the outcome of the current roster signings, 100 Thieves has made the first move. The LA-based org has announced the signing of the former XSET star as we head into the Valorant 2023 season. Earlier today, Riot also unveiled 25 VCT off-season events. 

I started on Soar gaming and from there I just played on Tier 2 tournaments and I got scouted by XSET. Joining 100 Thieves is one of my dream orgs as a kid. Joining their Valorant team, I believe that 1900 Thieves has the best coaching staff of the five NA teams. I am super excited to represent this org and bring home the title.

Cryocells was one of the stars on the XSET roster and was crucial to XSET’s results over the years. The 19-year-old player regularly put up big numbers and helped XSET win NA Challengers 2 and also secure a top 6 finish at VCT Champs Istanbul.

Obviously they signed me on as an AWPer. Having that AWP presence on the team would be a huge boost. I think the AWPing in this game is really important. Just bringing the confidence in not only me but the entire team. This decision will improve not only my play but also my brand and make me into a better player and a better person. 

Cryocells said

The player will be joining the team as an AWPer, one of the most important and high-impact roles in Valorant in the current meta. But for him, making it into a Franchised League in the inaugural season is a big deal as it will only help him grow as a player and as an individual.

Winning a spot on a Franchise team is a big milestone for me. Being a part of the inaugural season of the Franchised League is a great achievement. It just reminds me that I need to work harder to keep my spot because I know people are hungry to take it. 

100 Thieves release Will

100 Thieves has also announced one more change to its Valorant roster, releasing Will. The player enters free agency.

Previously there were indications of the XSET roster signing with G2 esports. However, Riot did not accept G2's franchise application, which some say happened due to the CEO's viral tweet showing him in presence of Andrew Tate. After being served an eight-week suspension notice, Carlos has since stepped down as the org's CEO and XSET players announced free agency. With Cryocells joining 100 Thieves, it will be interesting to see where the rest of the squad lands for the upcoming VCT season.