Who is Xiao Meng in Tekken 8? An alleged leak of upcoming Tekken 8 DLC characters included the name Xiao Meng, But who are they?

An alleged screenshot showing an accidental leak on the German PSN Store has potentially revealed the names of all four Season 1 DLC characters for Tekken 8, one of which is the unknown Xiao Meng.

According to the original post on Reddit on December 7, the Deluxe Edition of Tekken 8 on the German PSN Store stated that the Year 1 Pass included four characters; Eddy Gordo, Roger, Armor King and Xiao Meng. This image was later deleted by the poster.

The "leak" from German PSN posted on Reddit
The "leak" from German PSN posted on Reddit

Bandai Namco have since released the Tekken 8 opening movie on January 14, which did confirm Eddy Gordo as an upcoming DLC character. However, it did not name the other three DLC characters. According to their timeline there will be four DLC characters dropping in 2024; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

What do we know about Xiao Meng?

Outside of the name stated in the leak, there is currently no information surrounding Xiao Meng. It is also not a character that has previous appeared in any Tekken lore. If the leak turns out to be true, Xiao Meng would be a completely new character. Xiao Meng is a name of Chinese origin, and is also historically a unisex name, meaning Xiao Meng could be male or female.

When will Xiao Meng be released in Tekken 8?

Assuming the leak is correct, Xiao Meng would be released as a DLC character either in Summer, Fall or Winter. This timeline for DLC character releases was revealed during the Tekken 8 Opening Movie in January 14.

Bandai Namco have confirmed the first of four DLC characters
Bandai Namco have confirmed the first of four DLC characters

Should the leak be believed?

While some might say the leaks are 1 for 4 given Eddy Gordo was confirmed as a playable character, he has been a regular since his addition in Tekken 3, making it not a crazy guess should it be fake. The other three named DLC characters include Roger, a dinosaur character from Tekken 1 put in the same bracket as Gon in terms of meme level. Would Bandai Namco really put a meme character in Year 1?

There will be 32 characters for the Tekken 8 launch, with four characters playable in the demo released in December. However, the fact Anna Williams is not among the DLC has also had some Tekken fans suspicious of the leak, with theories of her being "safe" circling internet forums and Reddit threads.

That said, a completely new character for DLC purposes is not unheard of in Tekken. Leroy was one such DLC character released in Tekken 7.