Eddy Gordo first Tekken 8 footage shown during TEKKEN Talk cover image

Eddy Gordo first Tekken 8 footage shown during TEKKEN Talk

Eddy Gordo is coming to Tekken 8 and we’ve now seen his in-game look and some new dance moves, courtesy of a late night developer stream.

In case you weren't awake for it--and good for you--you may have missed the first info dump on Eddy Gordo coming to Tekken 8. Revealed in a late night stream from the developers, a number of topics on Tekken 8 came up. This included a road map, patch notes, a microtransaction store, and a first look at Eddy Gordo as the first Season One DLC fighter.

Eddy Gordo confirmed as the first Tekken 8 DLC character (Image via Bandai Namco)
Eddy Gordo confirmed as the first Tekken 8 DLC character (Image via Bandai Namco)

Yes, Mr. Gordo returns to bring his dance-based fighting style to the Iron Fist Tournament. But the real question remains: Where is Tiger Jackson? My Tekken 3 veterans need to know.

Eddy Gordo Tekken 8 first footage

"We think this is the first time we've ever showed a developer build," said Tekken head honcho Katsuhiro Harada, as the first footage of Eddy in Tekken 8 debuted. And, yeah, that checks out. The footage is rough and early, but it does give an idea about the power of capoeira. It appears that a number of iconic Eddy attacks and transitions are set to return, along with a few new tricks.

We'll know more about the release of Eddy in Tekken 8 as it progresses closer towards the Spring Update.

Tekken 8 opening movie, Eddy as DLC

If you've seen the Tekken 8 opening movie then you know it hits all the required content for the franchise. Banger electronic music? Nonsensical, over-the-top action? At least one character turning into something else? It's all here, folks. However, as someone lapsed from the franchise since... Oh, about Tekken Tag Tournament, I have questions.

Mainly, why are all my faves fighting in an open field against an army, Dynasty Warriors style? Not that I don't mind seeing King dropkick an entire fleet like Randy Orton. I'm all here for it, trust me. That said, the real interesting news from the Tekken 8 opening movie is going to be the first look at the four fighters coming in season one, Eddy Gordo.

<em>Credit: Namco-Bandai</em>
Credit: Namco-Bandai

Honestly, I like the redesign. As a long-time fan of the "big gloves, lots of leather, lots of color" aesthetic of Tekken, I think this checks all the boxes. The big question remains though after the reveal of Eddy for Tekken 8: What will the rest of season one's pass hold? Guest characters? More classic characters? Will Gon finally come back to ruin the meta?

Find out all of that and more after the game's release on Jan. 26.

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