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Best Tekken 8 Mods for Reina (Lawn Chair, Calvin Klein & more)

Modders have been going crazy creating mods for Tekken 8’s poster girl Reina. Here are the best mods on the internet to download for her.

Reina is by far the most popular character since Tekken 8 launched, and it's led to a whole host of Tekken mods created primarily for her. We've collected all the best Tekken 8 Mods for Reina in one place.

Reina made her debut in the Tekken series in Tekken 8. She plays a major role in the single player story for the game and based on early play data gathered by the community, was played by 8% of the top 10,000 players in the first week of the game.

So far Reina's considered one of the most difficult characters to play with her multiple stances. However, given how insanely brilliant her character design and moveset is, nobody cares. So here's the best Tekken 8 mods to spice up your Reina.

Mini One-piece Mod for Reina

The Mini One Piece mod available for Reina mixes sex appeal with intricately designed clothing textures. For slots you'll have a choice between Outfit 5 and v2 Slot for Reina. The Mini One-Piece dress mod is also available for 9 other characters including Jun, Nina and Xiaoyu.

Tekken 8 Reina Lawn Chair Mod

The Lawn Chair mod is silly but brilliant (Image via TekkenMods)
The Lawn Chair mod is silly but brilliant (Image via TekkenMods)

Why have a throne when you can have a garden lawn chair? This silly mod created by CDDTreborn allows you to do just that, and one user claimed it even increased his win rate. The mod replaces your character intro ahead of starting the battle.

Download Lawn Chair Mod (Modder: CDDTreborn)

SFV Laura - Reina Edition

A spin on an outfit for Laura in Street Fighter V by modder Scrumpy, this is a port from their Tekken 7 mod by the same name. For Reina this replaces the detective outfit slot and you Slots 6 and 8 control the colors. The jacket also has Reina written on the back which is a nice touch. This mod is also available for Jun and Leo, yes Leo.

Reina Calvin Klein Tekken 8 Mod

The Calvin Klein mod was incredibly popular in Tekken 7, and has been ported over to Tekken 8 with Reina one of the first characters to receive it. However, it's now also been adapted for; Alisa, Asuka, Azucena, Jun, Lili, Nina and Zafina. Expect more to follow.

You can use this mod in conjunction with the Remove Super Smooth Skin mod which we included in our Most Popular Tekken 8 Mods so far. This will make Reina's muscles more defined.

The Calvin Klein mod will only be visible to you. That is unless your opponent also has the exact same mod enabled, then you'll both see each others outfits. It can actually happen as streamer K_Naycha soon realised.

But how do I install them?

If you're not sure how to download a Tekken 8 Mod, check out our guide on how to install Tekken 8 mods. Remember, these mods only work on the PC version of Tekken 8.

Fortnite Ruby Shadows Skin

A Reina look inspired by Fortnite's Ruby Shadows
A Reina look inspired by Fortnite's Ruby Shadows

Inspired by the Fortnite Skin Ruby Shadows, this Mod fits Reina's style and swagger perfectly. It also replaces the leopard coat oufit slot which you probably would never use anyway. You can alter the two colors by adjusting color Slot 6 and 7.

Dolphin Pants

Destroy the competition while wearing your pyjamas (Image via
Destroy the competition while wearing your pyjamas (Image via

Beating up people in Ranked Mode while dressed in lounge wear is a vibe. This mod gives you a couple of choices for slots to use, but we suggest the blouse.

Tastefully Thicc Reina Tekken 8 Mod

There is plenty of customization in Tekken 8 but none that allow you to alter the character's body shape. This mod makes Reina "tastefully thicc", adding curves to her alt Outfit B.

Reina Tekken 8 Bishoujo Mod

The Bishoujo Mod by Fine is inspired by official artwork for Jun in Tekken Tag Tournament 2
The Bishoujo Mod by Fine is inspired by official artwork for Jun in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The word bishoujo (or Bishōjo) stands for beautiful or cute girl in Japanese, and this mod equips Reina with an outfit from Tekken lore.

The original design for the Tekken bishoujo outfit was first seen in artwork for Jun back in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2011), with modder Fine deciding to bring it not only to Jun but to other female characters such as Reina and Asuka in Tekken 8. You can check out the Jun bishoujo in our Top Tekken 8 Mods for Jun Kazama.

Reina barefoot Mod

Barefoot Reina Mod (Image via
Barefoot Reina Mod (Image via

Gives you the option to go barefoot or to wear stockings without any shoes. The option for shoes at the moment in Tekken 8 is pretty limited, so this is a nice change.

It's not marked in the mod description but for it to work you'll first have to unlock Outfit 3 for Reina. This can be done by defeating her Ghost in Super Ghost Battle. It's the only alternative outfit that can't be directly bought with Fight Money.

Download Barefoot Mod (Modder: HaiseSasaki)

Reina nude mod (NSFW)

Reina Nude Mod (Image via Nexus Mods)
Reina Nude Mod (Image via Nexus Mods)

Reina' most downloaded mod by quite a margin is the Reina Tekken 8 nude mod with over 50,000 views and almost 10,000 downloads. Be aware you should be 18+ to view this content and the Nexus Mods website will blur the images by default.

Download Reina Nude mod (NSFW: Adult 18+) (Modder: HaiseSasaki)

GANTZ mod for Reina

GANTZ mod for Reina (Image via <a href=";ab_channel=Zenkie">Zenkie YouTube</a>)
GANTZ mod for Reina (Image via Zenkie YouTube)

The GANTZ mod draws on the designs of female characters from the Japanese manga series by the same name. The mod available for every female character in Tekken 8 aside from Alisa and Zafina. The GANTZ outfit does not come with shoes but the creator SamodelkinTrlkn suggests boots or sneakers. Thanks for the tip.

Download GANTZ Reina Mod (Modder: SamodelkinTrlkn)

Reina Devil Form Tekken 8 Mod

Reina Devil Form mod (Image via
Reina Devil Form mod (Image via

If Reina wasn't already cool enough, you can create a Devil form for the newest character in the Mishima bloodline. Unfortunately, the video preview for this skin was taken down (you can imagine why), but that hasn't stopped a couple of thousand players already downloading the Devil Form Mod for Reina.

This mod will take up three separate item slots:

  • Short Wolf (Hair)
  • Butterfly (Face paint)
  • Reina Special Outfit (Full body)

Download Devil Form Reina Mod (Modder: VictorSelkovtsk)

That's all for the Tekken 8 Reina mods available so far that we thought stood out. We'll be sure to update this as new mods are released.