Everything you need to know about the TFT Soul Fighter event

League of Legends' latest seasonal event, Soul Fighter, has been released to the live client in line with patch 13.14. This arcade-style event will occur across multiple League of Legends games, including Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra. Here is how the new Soul Fighter event will work with Teamfight Tactics.

What is the Soul Fighter event in League of Legends?

Soul Fighter is Riot Games' way of paying homage to the classic fighting game genre by introducing its own spin with an arcade theme. This new event introduces arcade-themed skins to the game for the classic League of Legends mode. Along with new skins, TFT has also received a limited-time mode called Soul Brawl.

Soul Fighter missions in Teamfight Tactics

Play through the Soul Fighter missions to unlock new content. Screenshot taken in League of Legends
Play through the Soul Fighter missions to unlock new content. Screenshot taken in League of Legends

Alongside the new mode, the Soul Fighter event in TFT comes with its own unique missions that players can tick off along the way. At the time of writing this article, four champions from League of Legends each have their own set of five missions.


  1. As many needles as it takes: Play a game of Teamfight Tactics.
  2. Scissors and Swords: Deal 100,000 Magic Damage.
  3. This time, Gwen won't fail: After being on a 4+ losing streak, win a combat OR win 15 training rounds in Soul Brawl.
  4. Just the trick: Win 2 combats with a Deathblade, Bloodthirster, or Infinity Edge equipped.
  5. We studied the blade: Only a sharp edge can cut a path to victory!


  1. By the light: Play a game using a Region portal you voted for 1 times.
  2. Pickpocket pondering: Collect 50 loot orbs.
  3. Let's light it up!: Win 50 PvP combat rounds.
  4. Shine with Lux: Field 3 5-cost champions at 2 stars OR play 2 games of Soul Fighter.
  5. Luminous souls: The light of friendship unlocks the power of our souls.


  • Give it your all: Deal 100,000 Physical Damage.
  • One is not enough!: Field 3 2-star cost champions with 3 combined items.
  • Earning the s in skill: 3-star 5 champions.
  • Target practice: Place top 4 in 3 games OR place top 4 in Soul Brawl 2 times.
  • Guns blazing: Miracles? Who needs them? We have guns, LOTS of guns.


  • Feel the burn: Get a 4+ win stream 10 times OR play 3 games of Soul Brawl.
  • Bros bros bros: Field 200 champions.
  • Push yourself: Stun 50 champions.
  • Making mom proud: Field a Prismatic Trait OR earn a 250+ Soul Power gift from Gwen or Sett in Soul Brawl.
  • Heroic brothers: Showing mercy is hard, but nothing is harder than our fists!

Soul Fighter Teamfight Tactics event pass

Grind through the twenty tiers to unlock new content.
Grind through the twenty tiers to unlock new content.

Over the next 26 days, players will be able to grind away at the new Soul Fighter event pass. The TFT Soul Fighter event pass costs 575 Riot Points from the League of Legends store. The new pass has twenty-one tiers to go through during the Soul Fighter event:

  1. 1-star soul power
  2. 20 Treasure tokens
  3. The way of the choncc
  4. 25 star shards
  5. 1-star soul static
  6. 20 treasure tokens
  7. 2-star soul power
  8. 25 star shards
  9. 1-star gods eye
  10. 20 treasure tokens
  11. 2-star soul static
  12. 25 star shards
  13. Khaat'sai
  14. 20 treasure tokens
  15. 2-star gods eye
  16. 50 star shards
  17. 100 treasure tokens
  18. 20 treasure tokens
  19. 3-star soul power
  20. 3-star soul static
  21. 3-star gods eye

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