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Everything coming to League of Legends patch 13.14

Here is the ultimate guide to League of Legends patch 13.14.

League of Legends patch 13.14 will be rolling out to the live servers on July 19. This upcoming patch is one of the most extensive updates across Season 13 with a brand new champion, a new game mode, and a stacked Seasonal Event. Esports.gg is here to tell you everything you need about League of Legends patch 13.14.

Naafiri is coming to League of Legends on patch 13.14

One of the exciting additions to League of Legends patch 13.14 is Naafiri, the new Assasin champion coming to League of Legends. Naafiri is unique in the sense her abilities are centered around a pack of Hounds that will help her throughout her time on Summoners Rift. For a look at Naafiri's kit, check the article below for an in-depth look at all of her abilities:

Arena will be on the live servers for LoL patch 13.14

Image courtesy of Riot Games
Image courtesy of Riot Games

Arena is a recently announced game mode that will be coming to League of Legends on July 19. This is the 2v2v2v2 mode that Riot has been teasing for quite some time. Arena is currently live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) where the developers are currently ironing out the rough edges. A quick TLDR on Arena is that the game centers around pairs doing battle in a round-based system.

Each team has a health bar (20HP) and the outcome of each round will determine your health. Win and you don't lose health, lose and your bar decreases. Along the way, players will be greeted with Augment cards, which TFT players will be familiar with. These cards reward players with unique abilities, gold, etc to further aid them in the fight.

League of Legends early champion patch 13.14 notes

As is the case with every League of Legends patch, developers at Riot have released early notes. Bear in mind these are subject to change ahead of the release date on July 19. Here are the early notes for patch 13.14 according to Dexerto:


  • Q base damage reduced from 10-90 > 10-70
  • Q AD Ratio increased from 60%-80% > 60%-100%
  • Q Minion Damage increased from 55% flat > 55%-70%


  • Q now slows in an area instead of just the first target
  • Ultimate minimum base heal 90-190 > 100-200
  • Ultimate minimum AP heal ratio 25% > 35%


  • Q AD ratio increased 20%-80% > 20%-100%
  • Q Cooldown increased 7-5 seconds > 8-6 seconds
  • Q now grants 40-60% attack speed for the 2 attacks
  • E On-Hit now scales with 1% map HP per 100 bonus AD


  • W heal increased from 8%-16% > 8%-20%


  • Base mana decreased from 459-400
  • Passive cooldown reduce by 2 seconds per kill
  • Ultimate missiles increased 3-5 > 3-7
  • Ultimate base damage decreased from 200-300 > 200-280
  • Ultimate AP ratio decreased from 45% > 40%
  • Ulimate now increases damage by 2-30 + 5% AP per champion hit


  • Passive damage taken from AOE spells reduced from 4 > 3
  • Passive bonus plant damage to monsters: 150% damage against non-epic monsters > 40-100 bonus magic damage (scaling with level) to all monsters
  • W seeds on first rank up 1> 2
  • E no longer locks users from using flash when casting
  • Ultimate casting logic: Walk to position > Casts at max range

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