As part of Riot Games’s six-week long Soul Fighter event, Teamfight Tactics has a new game mode, Soul Brawl.

Riot Games has introduced a six-week Soul Fighter event taking place in Runeterra. Teamfight Tactics has a new game mode, Soul Brawl, from July 19 to August 15! Here's everything you need to know about Soul Brawl.

Everything to know about Soul Brawl

Soul Brawl is designed to give a new and exciting experience during the event. Here's how the new game mode differs from your traditional TFT gameplay!

Training Phase

TFT Soul Brawl training phase (Image via Riot Games)
TFT Soul Brawl training phase (Image via Riot Games)

Imperfect Soul Crown

You start the game with an item called the Imperfect Soul Crown. This item does not take an item slot and gives 20% AD, 20 AP, and 30% bonus HP and also contributes +1 to the last listed trait, excluding unique traits. The crown has unlimited uses so you may switch it around before combat begins.

Training Phase combat

  • From 1-1 to 3-8, you will be in the Soul Brawl training phase to accrue Soul Power and build up the strongest team for the tournament phase.
  • Creep rounds occur in stage 1 and at the end of each stage. These PvE monsters will grant a small portion of your Soul Power.
  • Throughout PvP fights in Stage 2 and 3, instead of dealing damage in hit points to players, you will accrue Soul Power for every unit you kill.
  • You gain 30 Soul Power per fight win, 15 per loss, and 1 for every unit killed. Soul Power breakpoints will determine how much loot you are able to choose from during loot rounds.
  • Additionally, augment choice rounds will occur on 2-1, 2-6, and 3-2. Lastly, there is still interest for saving up gold but there is no streak gold in this mode. You will also receive more gold throughout the training phase passively and dropped as loot.
Soul Power reward phase (Image via Riot Games)
Soul Power reward phase (Image via Riot Games)

Soul Power rewards are distributed after each carousel round and after the fights with Soul Fighter Sett and Gwen.

  • On 2-5, you are offered a choice of component. The value of these choices scale up as the training phase progresses.
  • After the encounter with Soul Fighter Sett on 2-8, you are offered a choice of a full item.
  • Once the Stage 3 carousel selection is over on 3-5, you are offered a choice of an emblem.
  • Finally, when you finish fighting Soul Fighter Gwen on 3-8, you are offered a choice of a radiant item. The amount of choices is dependent on how much soul power you have accrued up until that point.

Tournament Phase

TFT Soul Brawl tournament phase (Image via Riot Games)
TFT Soul Brawl tournament phase (Image via Riot Games)

Soul Crown

When you reach 4-1, your Imperfect Soul Crown will transform into a Soul Crown. The Soul Crown prevents your holder's first death and upon revival sheds all negative effects and gains double your Soul Power in HP. It now grants 40% AD, 40 AP, and 50% bonus health and maintains the +1 trait bonus as well. .

Tournament Phase combat

Stage 4 is when the Soul Brawl tournament phase begins. Your first matchup will depend on the Soul Power standings of the lobby. 1st place plays 8th place; 2nd place plays 7th place; 3rd place plays 6th place; 4th place plays 5th place. Each matchup is best-of-three battle between you and your opponent. You can adjust compositions before each fight in regards to positioning, itemization, upgrades, etc. Regardless of Soul Power, when you lose two fights, you are eliminated. However, when you win two fights, you move on to the next round. If you make it to the finals, you will receive a Tactician's Crown to further power up your team for the final brawl.

You can find the official details for the new game mode here.

Choncc Dome event and cosmetics

Along with the release of the new game mode Soul Brawl, is an event with missions and new cosmetics! Enter the Choncc Dome and complete missions on the event pass. The Soul Fighter Exclusive Event Pass will grant rewards which include booms, little legends, star shards, and tokens.

You can check out the missions and rewards table here.

Two tacticians, Chibi Gwen and Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen, are joining the tactician roster. A new little legend, Khaat'sai, has been added. Lastly, a new arena, named the Shattered Beast Arena, can be attained. You can preview their aesthetics here.

Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen (Image via Riot Games)
Chibi Soul Fighter Gwen (Image via Riot Games)

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