Hungrybox lost to MkLeo at Smash Ultimate Summit 6 but is claiming it’s due to someone switching his controls before the match.

Melee God turned Ultimate content king Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma became quite frustrated at Smash Ultimate Summit 6 after a loss to Leonardo "MkLeo" Perez, claiming that his controls were switched before the match.

Smash Ultimate Summit 6 is one of the most coveted Ultimate events of the year, bringing all the most popular and talented pros together to hang out and compete. Hungrybox threw a chair out of excitement when he was voted in, but it looks like things are not going his way already.

The singles pools are just the start of the tournament and Hbox and MkLeo were the opening match. It was an incredible matchup, with Hungrybox being one of the most iconic Melee players in the world and MkLeo being the uncontested number one Ultimate player in the world for years. It was Hbox's time to prove that he was also a top contender in Ultimate.

But things didn't go quite as planned.

Copium or control mixup? Hungrybox frustrated at Summit 6

Hungrybox ended up losing 0-3, but the Jigglypuff main proclaimed he was "f—ed over" after the match. After the hosts commended him for "almost" having MkLeo "in the first half," Hungrybox frowned and said that someone had changed his controls.

"I went for a forward smash and a tilt stick came out," Hungrybox said.

According to Hbox, he didn't notice the controls were wrong until the third game. The switched controls, however, made all the difference, he claimed.

"My heart is broken," Hungrybox continued. "I would have won that game one, I think. I should have double-checked. I had the rest setup."

In the chat during the livestream, the tone instantly switched. Fans went from saying that Hungrybox did better against MkLeo than "99% of Smashers would" to calling him out for making excuses, also known as a "john" in the FGC. The chat started to get spammed with people writing copium, john, and skill issue.

But Hungrybox continued to claim it was the controls on Twitter.

It was clear that Hungrybox was frustrated with the situation. Some fans responded that they noticed some odd plays from Hungrybox, which made his control claim seem legitimate. Fans started encouraging him to keep going, calling him "Clutchbox" and telling him he still had a chance after such an impressive performance.

For right now, no TOs have made any public statements about the control situation. It's still not confirmed if someone switched up Hbox's controls. And if someone did, then why?

Despite the unfortunate outcome, Hungrybox still has time to prove himself. It's still early in the Smash Ultimate Summit 6 action.

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