Another chair has fallen victim to Hungrybox after the Jigglypuff main was voted into Smash Summit 6 during a livestream.

Smash Ultimate Summit 6 is one of the most coveted Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events of the year, bringing all of the top competitors together to hang out, stream, and compete. But first, players have to get voted in, a controversial process that has left the Smash community torn.

While a handful of pros are invited to Summit 6 based on recent performance, other Smash players have to rely on their fanbase to get in. Smash fans can vote on their favorite player by purchasing items from the Summit store — the cost of the item determines how many votes they get to submit. Smash players will often create major campaigns and content pushes to encourage fans to vote, sometimes promising something wild if they reach a certain goal.

It was honestly no surprise to see Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma at the top of the votes. He is not only one of the five Melee Gods and a consistent top player but he is the largest Smash streamer in the world. His passionate following recently earned him the first player invite to Summit 6 — and he reacted in typical Hungrybox fashion.

The Jigglypuff main decided to stream the final countdown of the first round. He anxiously stared at the screen as the seconds ticked away. He had a pretty incredible lead of 156,548 votes but anything can happen so the Twitch chat was tense.

When Hungrybox finally found out he was indeed going to Smash Ultimate Summit 6, he immediately let out a ear-shattering scream. He then ran off screen, pumping with adrenalin. When he returned seconds later, he flipped over a nearby chair. Since he was in a hotel room, the chair flip was even funnier to his fans.

"Even the hotel room chair isn't safe," one fan wrote on Reddit.

While Hungrybox is a given for the upcoming Melee version, Smash Summit 15, his invitation to Summit 6 wasn't as guaranteed. Hungrybox is a top Melee player but he hasn't reached that same level in Ultimate. Will he even have a chance against the top players?

A lot of Hungrybox fans felt confident that he could perform well — but the reality is that he is much more focused on Melee. Without dedicating more time to Ultimate, his fans weren't confident in his ability to take on the best Ultimate players from all over the world.

"I think his heart is always going to be with Melee, but it's awesome that he's been doing so much work to boost Ultimate, too. Hopefully he does better than just having a meme run," wrote another fan.

Added another: "I think if HBox played a stronger character he could be a legit threat in Ult. He has like, decades of game sense that a lot of others cant compare with, that goes a long way. But I also respect being a character loyalist even if the character is on the weaker side."

Either way, Hungrybox has enough of a following that he's made it into Summit 6. This is also thanks to some of his fans being "whales" who paid thousands to get him even more votes. Fans will have to wait until March 23 to find out how he fares against the top Ultimate players in the world.

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