The internet is being very normal about Cammy’s new viral pose…

On Feb. 24, Cammy took the internet and FGC by storm when she was revealed as one of the characters for Street Fighter 6. But Cammy’s new look, her style, and most importantly, stretch pose has drawn comparisons to 2021’s most viral fighting game character, Jack-O.

When Guilty Gear Strive released, Jack-O and her spine-breakingly seductive pose became an internet sensation. Now with Cammy’s pose also trending, it didn’t take long for the internet to join up the dots and make this new stretch a whole thing. So is the Cammy stretch the new Jack-O pose? We kinda hope so.

Cammy vs. Jack-O: A pose-off

Fans instantly saw the potential in the pose, and since it was artists who started the last pose-craze, it’s only fitting that freelance illustrator VJ. went viral for just suggesting the connection.

Artist pike on Twitter wasted no time mashing up the Cammy pose and Jack-O, drawing the Guilty Gear Strive character stretching things out before a fight.

The pose, which had already been dubbed by some “the Cammy cat pose” quickly gained traction. Artists rushed to draw the Street Fighter staple in her newly iconic pose. We've listed a few below. Make sure to check out these artists' profiles as well!

Overall, as our article predicted, people are being super, very normal about Cammy, and the internet isn’t exploding over a questionably anatomically possible pose. Honestly, if I had a nickel for every time a fighting game characters’ pose had gone viral… I’d have two nickels. But it’s strange it happened twice.

Street Fighter 6 is set to release on June 2. Then, fans will finally be able to try out Cammy for themselves, instead of relying on six seconds of preview footage. Stay tuned to for more SF6 news, guides, and more!