Guilty Gear Strive’s #Jackochallenge has been trending all week, but what exactly does it have to do with the character?

jacko guilty gears
Jack-O was released on August 27th for Guilty Gear Strive

What is the Jacko challenge?

The Jack-O challenge involves having someone attempt to recreate Jack-O’s crouching pose. Compared to most characters in fighting games, Jack-O certainly has one of the most unique. It is unknown who exactly started the trend, but it quickly took over Twitter. Various people have been posting pictures of themselves in the pose. Artists as well have been drawing all sorts of characters doing the same.

jacko challenge pose
Guilty Gear Jack-O’s pose in-game

The trend became insanely popular in a short amount of time. At its peak, there were over 300 posts per hour featuring this hashtag. The hashtag has gotten so much traction that even Guilty Gear Strive’s developer, Arc System Works’ official Twitter posted a memey tweet about it.

These are just a few of the many Jack-O challenge posts that people have pumped out over the last week. From artists to cosplayers and even pro players and streamers, it seems everyone has caught the Jack-O bug. Aside from the sexy and alluring poses that many have posted, some people have made jokes that they have tried to.

This hilarious challenge has brought many eyes to Guilty Gear Strive’s latest DLC character. While people continue to explore the myriad of options that she has, everyone can continue to laugh about this trend.

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