The fan-favorite samurai is set to make her grand entrance in Guilty Gear Strive.

The ongoing chase to defeat “That Man” will continue once again after it was announced that fan-favorite Baiken would be making a return to Guilty Gear.

Following K7 Showoff’s incredible win at CEO 2021, ArcSystemWorks surprised the audience with a Guilty Gear trailer.

In the released trailer announcement, the trailer video features a scenic view of a mountainous region and trees before panning to Japanese text. The colors of the aforementioned setting then go grey as we begin to the outlines of what is then shown to be Baiken. The colors then return to reveal Baiken with her signature eye patch and sword.

Baiken returns to Guilty Gear in surprise reveal

Baiken is one of Guilty Gear’s most popular characters, as seen by the reaction of the crowd during her release. Many were surprised that she was not already on the original lineup and had requested for her inclusion through the DLC packages. Now, it appears like those requests have paid off now that it is confirmed Baiken will re-enter.

She will be joining GGST as the fourth DLC fighter from Season Pass 1 in January 2022. This is all in line with the DLC timeline given around Guilty Gear Strive’s launch, and the fact ArcSys confirmed Happy Chaos would be the final character of 2021.

Happy Chaos is the last character to be released in Guilty Gear Strive for 2021.
Happy Chaos is the last character to be released in Guilty Gear Strive for 2021.

Alongside Baiken’s character release will also be a new stage. And while the actual stage has yet to be revealed, it is very likely that the stage will resemble the mountainous area she was featured in her trailer.

No gameplay of Baiken in Guilty Gear Strive has yet been revealed, though given her January 2022 release, it is likely that will change in the near future.

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