Cammy makes her return to the arena in Street Fighter 6 and, as usual, the internet couldn’t help itself. Let’s look at the reveal.

Leave it to the gremlins of the FGC to immediately get sent to horny jail upon the release of a new character. This afternoon's PlayStation State of Play event revealed that the Killer Bee herself, Cammy will return in Street Fighter 6. The trailer showcases the popular Brit alongside OG street fighter Zangief and newcomer Lily.

And, in shocking speed the fighting game community already has amassed art, opinions, and the greasiest of takes in regards to their continued infatuation with Bison's former doll.

Let's....sigh. Let's take a look.

Cammy returns in Street Fighter 6

Agility, power, and divekicks. Are there any better ways to describe Cammy in Street Fighter 6? From the beginning Cammy has been all about guessing game tactics and consummate pressure. This trend appears to continue in the newest iteration of the franchise, with Cammy doling out Spin Knuckles, Spike Attacks, and Hooligan Combinations galore.

And in a bit of fun nostalgia, her Super Art pays homage to a classic moment. While Cammy has had parries before, her new Super appears to be similar to her CQC Ultra Attack 2 from Street Fighter IV. However, this new version has a fun spin in the form of referencing the 1994 Street Fighter II animated movie.

And if you think that Twitter's reaction to this moment was "Oh no, poor PJ!" then you clearly don't know the internet.

Quicker than you can say "Killer Bee" artists on social media began a deluge of salacious Cammy Street Fighter 6 art. I'm not even mad, I'm impressed, really. How did they do it so fast? Is that what just happens when hormones flare up?

No shade intended here: The artistic fans of gaming never cease to amaze. It certainly doesn't hurt that Cammy continues her trend of being designed to blend in on any anime fan's shelf as an expensive figure. Sometimes to all our detriment, like the time ESPN forced a Cammy player to change costumes during a broadcast of the EVO Championship Series.

.... Okay, we're done here. Twitter has gone too far. You're all getting bonked until Street Fighter 6 releases on June 2, 2023. I hope you'll think about what you've done until then.

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