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You can now make money from YouTube Shorts

YouTube has officially announced that creators looking to join their Partner Program can now do so through YouTube Shorts. Here is the scoop.

It's time for a new wave of creators to take the stage. YouTube officially announced that YouTube shorts will be joining the YouTube Partner Program, and will be eligible for monetization.

Here are all the know details about the expected change to Youtube's Partner Program.

Making money off of YouTube Shorts is the future!

In the previous days of YouTube Shorts, creators were only subject to making money from the Shorts Fund. This was a separate fund from the other types of revenue partners received. The criteria to meet to be a part of this fund were partially unknown.

Most creators that were averaging decent numbers on their shorts would get an email each month saying they were getting an extra payout. For any creators that were already a part of the Partner Program were receiving this on the side of their regular payout.

Now, YouTube has announced that shorts will officially count towards becoming eligible for the Partner Program. The criteria creators will have to meet are 1,000 subscribers and 10 million shorts views in a 90-day period.

Sound like a lot of views to achieve in such a small span of time? With YouTube's recent optimization of shorts, the algorithm is pushing out short-form content like no other.

With their ever-lasting competition with TikTok, we should continue to see shorts' popularity reign in the content-creating business.

How will shorts become monetized?

The answer to this question is relatively simple. YouTube plans to start introducing short non-skippable ads in between videos on people's shorts Feeds. Creators who post shorts and are a part of the Partner Program will keep 45% of ad revenue, which will be distributed based on their share of shorts views.

Regardless if you are a popular YouTube creator or a small one, this feature will benefit everyone. Those looking to achieve partner status now have a much easier milestone to hit.

As YouTube continues to improve its quality, there is a large possibility we will see more and more streamers switch from Twitch to their platform. The competition is getting heated as more and more streamers are moving platforms.

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Refer to YouTube's latest blog post for additional information.

Good luck, and happy content-creating.