Ninja is officially streaming everywhere. Find out more by reading below.

You heard that correctly. Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins announced today that he will officially be streaming on all social media platforms. This includes Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and more.

Blevins posted the official announcement via Twitter.

What this means for Ninja

Streamers taking their stream to multiple platforms is something that has been happening for a while. In fact, Twitch announced recently that their partners can officially stream to Tiktok, Youtube, and Facebook.

This did not open up their exclusivity fully though. With Twitch's recent announcement, they stated that a Twitch stream and a Youtube or Facebook stream must be done separately.

Tiktok is the only platform where partners are currently allowed to multi-stream on.

So how is Ninja going to stream on everything despite being a Twitch partner?

It is simple. Last week when Ninja announced he was taking a break, it was also shown that his Twitch partnership had been removed. The esteemed streamer and content creator was clever about this decision.

While he may be losing his partner status, this allows Ninja to stream on every single platform and not get in trouble with Twitch.

I wonder how that conversation went.


Either way, this impressive move by Ninja is paving a way for streamers to help monetize their content across multiple platforms. As of now, applications such as Streamlabs allow for streamers to stream to multiple platforms already.

Whether or not this move will work for the streamer is yet to be determined.

Ninja's first stream across all platforms is set to be on September 9, at 12 pm CST. Make sure you have all your apps open so you don't miss this historic moment in the streaming industry.