Popular streamer known as “Pokimane” officially ends her two-year streaming contract with Twitch, leaving fans wondering, what is next?

After fulfilling a two-year contract with the popular streaming website Twitch, Imane Anys, aka "Pokimane", has officially announced the end of her contract. This announcement came to light Monday, January 31st, as Pokimane made the announcement via Twitter where she tweeted "After a wild 2 years, my Twitch contract ends today."

Will Twitch renew?

The biggest question being asked is whether or not Pokimane will make a return to Twitch. We have seen this pattern with many popular streamers, who will make an announcement similar to this, just to renew their Twitch contract. This leaves people wondering if Pokimane will follow in that pattern, or decide to do something new. According to her tweet, we will find out on February 8th.

It is well known that streaming and content creating is one of the highest-grossing industries. This leaves quite a few options for these creators to turn to. Pokimane, with a whopping 6.7 million subscribers on YouTube, could easily turn her creative side over to their platform full-time.

This begs the question, if Pokimane leaves Twitch, how will that affect the popular streaming platform? We have seen it in the past, as popular creators such as CourageJD and Dr. Disrespect left the platform for YouTube. Will YouTube continue to buy out these popular creators?

This does not stop the controversy

Surrounding this announcement comes with a previous controversy amongst the popular Twitch streamer. Earlier this month, we saw a feud break out between popular creators, Pokimane, Jidion, and Ninja. After quite a bit of bantering, including a hate raid escorted towards Pokimane's stream, we saw Tyler Blevins', aka "Ninja", wife, Jessica Blevins, threaten to sue Pokimane for defamation.

This leaves us wondering whether or not this drama provides an insight into what could possibly happen next for Pokimane? This feud could be a possible motivation for her not to share a platform with these other creators.

Friendship could be the answer

This news was also released alongside popular YouTube streamer's, "Valkyrae", the announcement today stating that she will be re-signing with YouTube. Pokimane and Valkyrae have been seen together multiple times online and in person, making it clear that they are close friends. Valkyrae has an extremely loyal following on YouTube boasting nearly 3.6 million subscribers.

This friendship could be a direct influence on whether Pokimane decides to leave Twitch for another platform, such as YouTube. Poki will reveal the next step in her streaming career on Feb 8.

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