Here’s a breakdown of how much the Twitch star, Pokimane is making on the platform, including her earnings from YouTube and her total income.

If you go around Twitch, you know Imane “Pokimane” Anys. She is one of the household names on the platform, known for her gameplay-based streams for games like League of Legends, Among Us, and Valorant. As she is one of the top creators on Twitch, we are here to answer your questions about her income and net worth.

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Pokimane – Source: Pokimane’s IG

In 2021, an anonymous hacker leaked a large number of confidential data from Twitch including creator payout information. Pokimane was on the list among hundreds of other creators. The leak revealed that from August 2019 until October 2021, Pokimane earned $1.5 million USD. This doesn’t include donations, sponsorship deals, and other income outside of Twitch.

How much does Pokimane make on Twitch?

The Canadian-Moroccan streamer has been on Twitch since 2013 and has steadily grown her influence. She is currently the 9th most-followed creator on the platform, above household names like Myth and NICKMERCS, with 9.04 million followers. She is also the 4th most-watched female creator with 5 million watch hours. And as usual, the realm of influencers and their revenues is something people are always curious about, especially when it comes to a streamer with such status.

How much does Pokimane earn from Twitch subscriptions?

According to Streams Charts, Pokimane had a total of 6.4K subscribers in the last 30 days. From 23 March to 21 April, she accumulated:

Pokimane’s Twitch subscriptions from March to April in 2022. Source: Streams Charts
  • 1.2K Prime Subs (not affected by local subscription pricing)
  • 5.1K Tier 1 Subs
  • 17 Tier 2 Subs
  • 32 Tier 3 Subs

After the introduction of local subscription pricing, it is harder to get an accurate number of streamers’ subscription revenue, but there is a range of possibilities.

In the last 30 days, Pokimane earned between $7,207 to $16,671 from only Twitch subscriptions.

How much did Pokimane make from Twitch subscriptions in 2022?

Here are Pokimane’s earnings from Twitch subscriptions in the first quarter of 2022.

  • January: $11.4K – $22.2K
  • February: $6.2K – $11.7K
  • March: $8K – $18.7K

Aside from Twitch subscriptions, Pokimane’s revenue from the platform also comes in the form of advertisements and donations. According to Streamer Facts‘ calculations, Pokimane makes about $8K from ads monthly. Pokimane is one of the streamers that capped her donation to a maximum of 5$ – she stated this is because her income from other sources is enough to sustain her lifestyle. From donations, she likely makes $1K to $2K monthly.

In total, adding her income from subscriptions, donations, and ad revenue, Pokimane makes about $20K USD monthly from Twitch alone.

What is Pokimane’s total income?

Pokimane is also robust on YouTube with multiple active accounts covering varying content including vlogs, Twitch clips, and ASMR. With an average of 10 million views across all accounts, her estimated earning from YouTube ads revenue is $30K per month.

Her other sources of income include:

In total, Pokimane’s income per month is estimated to be around $50K to $66K.

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