Twitch is removing its host feature. Here is everything you need to know.

Twitch's hosting feature has been an integration within the website since the start. Streamers have been able to utilize this feature for years, until now. Twitch has officially announced that it will be removing the feature on October 3, 2022.

Here is all the information on the removal of hosting on Twitch.

Hosting channels may be leaving Twitch, but raiding is here to stay

The news was first released by Zach Bussey on Twitter that Twitch would be removing the host command.

When using the host command, a player not only sends his viewers to another channel but also features the channel on their page. This allowed streamers to constantly share their favorite person's streamer on their channel.

Streamers could also auto-host channels whenever they go online. This means that if you are not streaming and your friend goes online, it will automatically host them. This was a great way to help share your community with others.

Although this feature may be leaving, people will still be able to raid other streamers. Raiding is when a streamer sends all of their viewers over to another person's stream. This does not put them up on the raiding streamers page though like a host would.

So why exactly is Twitch removing the hosting feature?

Twitch's reasoning for removing the hosting feature was due to the fact that they found it more difficult to properly interact with a streamer if someone else's stream was in the way. Twitch explained that host mode blocks people from interacting with a streamer when they are live.

Whether or not this is a smart move on Twitch's behalf is yet to be determined. The host mode may remove some exposure options for smaller streamers, but also may influence larger streamers to utilize raiding more often.