NICKMERCS has been banned for the first time on Twitch due to a derogatory term.

Twitch has just handed NICKMERCS his first ever ban on Twitch. The controversial streamer revealed that the ban was due to using the word "tranny" in his livestream - an offensive term used against transgenders. This marks his first official offense on the purple platform.

NICKMERCS doubles down after the ban

It is not a surprise to see NICKMERCS double down on the situation. He revealed the reason of the Twitch ban to be his use of a slur against transgenders, claiming he didn't know that it was a "derogatory" term. He added: "Next time I'll use mental health disorder."

So far, there is no information on how long NICKMERCS' Twitch ban is going to last.

A heated week for NICKMERCS

It has been a wild week for the streamer and not for the greatest reasons. On June 25th, Dr Disrespect admitted messaging minors which led to his 2020 Twitch ban. NICKMERCS was one of the trending streamers at that time, due to his close relations with Dr Disrespect and his previous stance which defended the Doc. His name was also mentioned many times on the internet due to his notorious "Leave little children alone" statement.

He is controversial for spreading hateful speech on the internet, recently targeting transgenders. Just weeks ago, he stated "there's no such thing as trans people" which sparked a wave of backlash from the community.

With this first-time ban on Twitch, the purple platform shows disapproval of the controversial shenanigans. We'll keep this story updated with more info regarding the ban. Stick around for streamer updates.