Breaking down Dr Disrespect’s statement.

This week's center of controversy, Dr Disrespect, has made an official statement regarding his 2020 Twitch ban. In it, he confirms "inappropriate" messages with a minor to be the primary reason, while claiming that nothing illegal ever happened.

His statement comes in the form of a post on X merely an hour after Bloomberg reported confirming the situation with three separate sources of their own.

Dr Disrespects posts his official statement

Screenshot of Dr Disrespects's original statement posted on X (Image via
Screenshot of Dr Disrespects's original statement posted on X (Image via

Dr Disrespect published quite a long post giving his side of the situation. He also edited the post multiple times after publishing it. Among swear words and direct addresses to his community, family, and friends, there are some notable key takeaways.

There were "inappropriate" messages with a minor: Dr Disrespect admits to communicating with a minor back in 2017 via Twitch's Whisper feature. He describes the messages as sometimes leaning "too much in the direction of being inappropriate," while assuring that there was never any sharing of pictures or meeting with said minor. Notably, he edited the post to remove the word "minor," but quickly added it back in after backlash.

Dr Disrespect wasn't allowed to say anything for several years: He claims that "reasons outside of [his] control" prohibited him from divulging information on the matter for the past several years since the ban. However, he is free to speak now that the majority of the information is public due to former Twitch employees and even Bloomberg.

A civil dispute with Twitch ended via settlement: Dr Disrespect allegedly resolved a "lengthy arbitration regarding a civil dispute" with Twitch through a settlement. We also know from previous information that Twitch paid out his entire contract upon moving forward with the ban.

Dr Disrespect claims nothing illegal ever happened: He clarifies the absence of any criminal charges or criminal cases against him. He stands firm that "no crimes were committed."

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