TimTheTatMan has broken his silence on the Dr Disrespect controversy.

It is a sad day for the streaming community, as popular streamer and content creator, Dr Disrespect admitted to conversing inappropriately with a minor back in 2020 through Twitch Whispers. After the streamer's admittance post on Twitter, many have been wondering what streamers such as TimTheTatMan had to say about the matter.

TimTheTatMan has been seen streaming and playing video games with Dr Disrespect for years now, as the two seemed to be good buddies.

TimTheTatMan and others, though, have officially broken their silence on the situation.

TimTheTatMan breaks his silence on Dr Disrespect

If you are a fan of TimTheTatMan, you would know that the popular streamer has been seen playing and conversing with some of the biggest names in gaming. This includes Ninja, NickMercs, CourageJD and more.


When he made his move from Fortnite to Call of Duty, TimtheTatMan also spent a lot of time playing games with Dr. Disrespect. Over the years the pair developed an online bromance that many fans connected with, and which both streamers shared content around.

Many of DrDisrespect's most popular videos on his YouTube channel over the last 2 years feature content playing alongside or reacting to TimtheTatman. Because of this, many fans were waiting to hear what TimtheTatman would say in response to DrDisrespect admitting to sending inappropriate messages to a minor.

TimtheTatman's response arrived shortly after the Doc posted his official statement on Twitter.

"I have known Doc for a while now," said TimtheTatMan in a recent Twitter video. "We have played games for years. Seeing everything that is spiraling right now is a very difficult thing for me, personally."

TimtheTatman has been a long-time friend of DrDisrespect both in and out of game
TimtheTatman has been a long-time friend of DrDisrespect both in and out of game

It would seem as if the shock of Dr Disrespect's actions has hit TimTheTatMan harder than many others, considering their good friendship.

"My bottom line, I think is, if what he is saying where he said that he was messaging a minor, which would sometimes lead to - teeter on inappropriate; if he knew that was a minor and those were the messages being sent... I cannot support that."

While TimtheTatMan sparked controversy back in 2023 by sticking up for NickMercs after his skin was removed from Call of Duty; this is a situation he cannot stand behind.

Watch the full video below.

NickMercs responds to the Doc's statement

TimtheTatMan was not the only streamer to respond to what the Doc had to admit. Just yesterday, Mercs posted a video on Twitter claiming that the man was innocent until proven guilty.

Well, there has been a verdict.

"I read through Doc's Tweet," said Mercs in a recent Twitter video. "And in that Tweet, he basically confirms that he was texting an underage girl and it went weird sometimes."

So, what were Mercs' exact thoughts on the situation?

"Look, just to be blunt and straightforward, man, that is inexcusable. It's unacceptable. There is no excuse for something like that. I can't support it. I can't defend it. The boys are torn up over it, too. We played a lot of games with the guy."

With such a harrowing day for the streaming community, it would seem like many are up in arms and extremely upset about the Dr Disrespect situation.

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