Pokimane has recently announced where she will be streaming next after the end of her 2-year contract with Twitch.

Popular streamer Pokimane had just announced her next streaming platform in a recent tweet. The 25-year old had reached the end of her multi-year exclusivity contract with Twitch and took to her stream to explain her decision.

Pokimane was the 5th biggest female streamer in 2021, and with a wave of content creators moving from YouTube to Twitch, some thought she might consider YouTube.

Pokimane is staying on Twitch 

In her most recent tweet, she tweeted out that she is going to giveaway a car instead of choosing between a red or purple car, alluding to content creators' past announcement videos.

The streamer ended her tweet with a link to her Twitch channel, confirming that she is in fact, staying on Twitch.

Pokimane explains her decision on stream

"It's been over eight years. Eight years of streaming on Twitch. And, I just re-signed, again, with Twitch." Pokimane confirmed on her stream back on Twitch, after a week-long break.

Twitch streamer pokimane.
Twitch streamer pokimane.

She said that throughout her process of deciding where to go next, she had only considered Twitch or YouTube -mentioning that only these two are viable platforms for her. "Which then begs the question, why would I choose Twitch over YouTube?"

She read a passing chat that said it was for 'Twitch's money' and denies the theory.

"So the last time I signed with a platform," She shared, "I went with Twitch even though Twitch offered me less money than other platforms. This time around, I was pretty happy with my Twitch deal and I appreciate them for that, very very much. "

She finally reveals that her reason for staying is because of her community on Twitch. "Some of y'all are wilding a little bit but it’s genuinely because of you guys," she claimed.

There's just no community like the Twitch community. As I said, I've been streaming on Twitch since I was seventeen. It would be hard to say it doesn't feel like home.

pokimane, on her recent stream

She also explained that from a business standpoint, her contract with Twitch allows her to have a presence on other platforms. While a contract with YouTube would have meant that she will lose her presence on Twitch completely.

Why streaming platform announcements are a huge deal

In the wake of the streaming industry’s growth, multiple platforms have been clamouring to be the ultimate streaming platform. With Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming leading the race, it has been a battle of who will win the hearts of top streamers. 

Former Twitch streamers Valkyrae, Dr Lupo, TimTheTatman and Ludwig had made the jump to YouTube during the past few years. While DisguisedToast, after leaving to stream under Facebook Gaming for 2 years, returns to Twitch in November 2021.

Even Ninja and shroud, two big names in the industry, once signed for Mixer until they ended operations, before coming back to stream on Twitch.

All of these signings have greatly affected the popularity of Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming and other platforms. This proves that with the right set of content creators, any of these platforms could be crowned the number one streaming platform. This is why these announcements have been a thing of importance as of late.

And with pokimane’s announcement of her stay on Twitch, the platform manages to keep one of the biggest faces of the streaming industry in their pool of creators.

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