Disguised Toast has had his cake and eaten it the past few years, with a huge pay-out from Facebook Gaming, and sporadic Twitch appearances. But now he’s back full-time

After over two years away, popular streamer Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has announced his return to Twitch. The move was announced on Disguised Toast’s official Twitter on November 24th.

Toast previously left Twitch after three years of streaming on the platform. Instead, the content creator signed an exclusive streaming contract with Facebook Gaming in November 2019 and spent two years there.

During that time, Toast’s star continued to rise, with the streamer gaining more than two million subs and 400 million views on YouTube between 2020 and 2021. With the rise in popularity of Among Us, Disguised Toast became one of the game’s most popular streamers. Toast even appeared on stream with US Democratic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar during the 2020 Presidential Election cycle.

Of course, the later event proved that Facebook Gaming’s exclusivity contract clearly had some loopholes. Toast appeared on Twitch sporadically as the host of a show called Blind eDating in 2020 and the aforementioned Among Us streams. Disguised Toast remained a prominent personality on Twitch, even if his main stream wasn’t hosted on the site.

Toast's Return To Twitch

On November 17th, 2021, Disguised Toast officially announced his departure from Facebook Gaming. And now, precisely a week later, he’s back on Twitch full-time. The streamer will appear on a pair of channels—one under his main Disguised Toast alias and another under his real name, Jeremy Wang.

However, the timing of the deal has an interesting element. In a stream earlier this week, Toast detailed some of the background behind his decision to leave Twitch in the first place.

During the stream, Toast explained that Twitch “lowballed” him on a streaming contract in 2019. Partially, he claims, because Twitch believed it already had enough Asian representation on their site with the likes of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Toast went on to sign with Facebook for reportedly 30 times the amount Twitch offered in 2019.

This new contract will likely be similarly lucrative. Although details aren’t public, alleged payout details from Twitch that were leaked in October suggest that the number could stretch to seven figures. But for fans of Disguised Toast, they’ll just be happy to see the streamer back on Twitch on a more consistent basis.