Famous Twitch streamer NICKMERCS and his partner Emumita are launching a fund to help pet owners with vet bills and resources.

NICKMERCS took to his stream to announce a project that he has been working on for a long time; The JoeJoe Fund. The project’s purpose is to help pet owners of the community by sponsoring their vet bills and pet medical procedures.

NICKMERCS launches The JoeJoeFund

“It’s called the JoeJoe Fund,” Nick shares, “ And it’s going to be a direct resource for you guys to use in the MFAM, where her (NICKMERCS's wife Emumita) and I basically help you guys out with your vet stuff.” 

“I’m not coming to you and asking for donations. That’s not what this is,” He strictly emphasizes. “I’m telling you that we’re going to do this with the money that we already have.”

He explains how his audience’s support is helping to fund the projects that he makes and how just their support is more than enough. “I always say, I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I do in the ways that I do them without you guys. I mean it.”

NICKMERCS's stream announcing The JoeJoe Fund
NICKMERCS's stream announcing The JoeJoe Fund

He also addressed how people will try to scam their way into the project. 

“I’ve had people fake cancer. I’ve had people fake MS. I’ve had people fake dying..It’s ridiculous.” He shared his past experiences with organizing charity events, assuring viewers that him and his team will make sure that the fund goes to deserving people.

Because of this issue, he warns that the application process is going to require a lot of personal information, as a way to filter out any would-be scammers.

All further information such as the steps to apply for the fund will be revealed this week on the MFAM.GG website.

NICKMERCS shares the struggles of being a pet owner

“It’s been a fucking year. In terms of pets and pets’ stuff, for me and my wife.” He tells his viewers on his stream. They themselves are pet owners, with two Golden Retriver/Labrador crossbreeds named Joey and Jackson, and a Siamese cat named Kai. 

He told stories of his dogs, Joey who recently went through a procedure to remove a ruptured cyst and Jackson who had to go through an operation to remove swallowed cat toys. He even shared a story of having to take Jackson to the ER because he swallowed a corn on the cob. “It’s just ridiculous. He looks to find things and ways to die.” Nick expresses.

He talks about how costly it is to own pets and how difficult it is to properly take care of them, with their tendency of putting themselves in danger. 

How the project came to be

Surprisingly, the inspiration behind the JoeJoe Fund is none other than popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. 

“I pay homage to old Tyler Blevins and his wife Jessica.” He explained how he saw Jessica’s tweet about sponsoring an animal and taking care of their needs.

Wanting to do that with the MFAM community, he spoke to his wife Emumita about his plans. Together, they worked on it for a year.

NICKMERCS talked about how his wife, who he refers to as ‘Emu’, is a big animal lover. She had given a lot of her time growing up to animal shelters and has always found ways to help animals in need.

“I mean, I love animals too, but I’d be lying to you if this was about me.” He admitted. “ It’s more about her. It’s definitely an ‘us’ thing. But she’s very adamant about animals. She loves her Joey more than anything in the world.”

NICKMERCS, his wife and Joey.
NICKMERCS, his wife and Joey.

NICKMERCS himself is no stranger to acts of generosity. He has constantly held charity streams and events, such as the MFAM BBQs, his Thanksgiving project of feeding those in need and his 300,000 Christmas giveaway last year.

NICKMERCS, his wife Emumita and the MFAM community is definitely easing the burdens of pet owners worldwide, one vet bill at a time. Don’t forget to share pictures of your adorable pets with the tag #JoeJoeFund and #MFAMPets!

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