The NickMercs MFAM BBQ 2021 is underway and a staggering 6,000 fans are descending on Tampa, Florida for the highly-anticipated event.

The second NickMercs’ MFAM BBQ is in full swing in Tampa, Florida, with 6,000 double-confirmed members of his community set to make the trip. The event has been months in the making and this time is being held in the New York Yankee’s spring training facility.

NickMercs is a streaming giant on Twitch, that continues to transcend the streamer world and is transitioning into an entertainment star in his own right. His community is known as the Mercs Family, or MFAM for short, and his community rolls deep.

On Twitch NickMercs has amassed 6 million followers and attracts between 30,000 to 50,000 viewers on the platform on any given stream day, recently discovering a rekindled passion for Apex Legends.

A day to remember for the MFAM

The New York Yankee’s spring training facility is playing host to the MFAM BBQ 2021

The MFAM community is an incredibly passionate and supportive one, with the family-like mantra “not me, us” very much engrained within it. Needless to say, tickets for the MFAM BBQ 2021 were highly sought after, and for the lucky 6,000 ticket holders it will be a day to remember.

“All week people have been telling me Nick, it’s a big week for you, it’s all about you. Yada yada yada, it’s not about me, it’s about you guys,” said NickMercs after walking out to a screaming MFAM crowd. “We love you guys so much, we want you to have fun, we want you guys to meet each other, I want to meet you guys it’s been years. So let’s do that and have a great time.”

The BBQ was just one element of the event, with activities and hospitality including an obstacle course, mega cornhole, free-throw competition, massage room, dunk and tank a gamer’s lounge. An elaborate carnival is also on the books later in the day, with giveaways from partners including Faze Clan, Scuf Controllers and the title sponsor CashApp.

TimtheTatman finally lines up with NickMercs

As part of the event, visiting fans were also offered discounts at the likes of the Holiday Inn and Hilton hotels in the area by using the code MFAM.

Streaming royalty such as Tfue and TimTheTatman attend MFAM BBQ as guests

Meet and greet: Cloakzy, TimTheTatman, SypherPK, NIckMercs, Faze Temperr and Tfue

As part of the event fans also got the opportunity to mingle with other well-known talent including Tim The Tatman, SypherPK, Cloakzy and Tfue, on top of Faze Swagg and Faze Temperr. The MC for the event was’s very own Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos, who was a fellow team-mate of NickMercs during his competitive Gears of War days.

An event of this magnitude is a sign of things to come, and the concept of the MFAM BBQ is both wholesome and ingenious. With over 6,000 fans making the trip, the MFAM BBQ has attracted as many visitors as most offline LAN events.


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