Multiple injuries reported at TwitchCon foam pit  cover image

Multiple injuries reported at TwitchCon foam pit 

An attraction at TwitchCon is getting a lot of unwanted attention after at least one serious injury, and several others reported.

TwitchCon, a convention and meet-up for Twitch streamers, has been marred on its final day by a series of injuries at one of its attractions. Streamer Adriana Chechik reportedly broke her back in two places following a leap from a platform into an apparent foam pit. The pit of foam cubes at TwitchCon was laid below an American Gladiators-style platform where two attendees could battle. 

The injury, confirmed by Adriana on her Twitter, has led to her needing surgery and the fitting of a metal rod. 

However, hers appears to not have been the only serious injury sustained on the attraction. Earlier in the convention streamer Zummmers broke her ankle in three places, and was seen with a support around her foot. Since then Zummmers has had to end her trip to TwitchCon prematurely, and head back home. 

Additionally, streamer LochVaness also fell victim to the attraction. Dislocating her knee and later heading to hospital to see if her injuries were more severe.

It’s unclear why the attraction was left open after multiple reported injuries. It's unknown whether the three injuries reported above are the only ones.

TwitchCon Negligence?

The injuries have sparked a debate on Twitter about responsibility and the dangers associated with this attraction. Multiple attendees to TwitchCon reported to that the foam squares seen at the pit are less than a foot from the ground. From there, all there is below is carpet and the poured concrete that makes up the floor of the San Diego Convention Center.

This combination of conditions has led some to call TwitchCon’s organization of this attraction negligent. However, attendees may have signed waivers before participating in the foam gladiator battle, or a general purpose waiver may have been included in terms and conditions tied to ticket sales. However, waivers often fail to hold up to legal scrutiny. Especially in cases where safety measures are not adhered to, and prior injuries have occurred.

Whatever happens, it’s devastating to see multiple con-goers sidelined by potentially life-changing injuries. And it comes in the wake of Twitch facing huge amounts of criticism and backlash. Comparisons between TwitchCon San Diego 2022 and the notorious DashCon are already being made. It’s a PR disaster for Twitch, and at the worst possible time.