Dream stans were disappointed in TwitchCon’s handling of the Dream SMP panel, which had Dream off to the side of the table.

TwitchCon has been a "disaster" for Dream stans.

The first day of TwitchCon San Diego 2022 featured a panel for the cast of Dream SMP but fans were frustrated with how it all went down. The panel was put into a room that could only seat about 400 people despite the number of fans that had turned up for it.

Dream and his crew already have millions of fans as is. But Dream recently revealed his face, causing even more hype surrounding his panel at TwitchCon. As a result, fans felt packed into the room.

What was even more upsetting for Dream fans was that Dream himself didn't have a seat at the panel table. Dream was sitting on a chair that was placed off to the side of the table since there wasn't enough room. Dream didn't even have a microphone.

In the livestream of the panel, Dream was cut out of the frame.

Dream fans took to social media to complain about the state of the Dream SMP panel. Many found the panel to be "awkward" due to the host not seeming to know anything about the topic and "cutting off" the guests whenever they talked.

The overall consensus was that Twitch had "fucked up."

Despite the upsetting state of the panel, Dream seemed quite positive about his first public panel since revealing his face.