Dream, one of the biggest names in the Minecraft community, has broken his anonymity with a face reveal in a YouTube upload.

One of the most known Minecraft content creators today, Dream has finally decided to do a face reveal. He was responsible for the Minecraft Manhunt series which is one of the most popular YouTube series on the internet. He is known for being faceless and is represented by a mask with a smiling face.

With his 20 million subscribers on YouTube, he has definitely had a hand in Minecraft's popularity today. He currently is making videos on Minecraft challenges with his two friends, Nicholas "Sapnap" Armstrong and George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson. The trio is commonly called the Dream Team.

Dream's mask is finally off

This day has been anticipated by his Dream community for a long, long while. The 23-year-old content creator was very private about his life. With his Dream Team finally together in Florida where he is currently residing, he decided it is time for him to take off the mask.

Dream finally did a face reveal. Image by Esports.gg.
Dream finally did a face reveal. Image by Esports.gg.

He uploaded a video on YouTube titled "hi, I'm Dream." which has over one million views during its premiere. In the video, he introduces himself for the first time without the mask.

Dream said he is keen to finally meet creators face-to-face
Dream said he is keen to finally meet creators face-to-face

He then posted a picture on Twitter of him and the Dream Team.

The Dream Team
Dream's first photo online without the mask.

The anticipation leading up to Dream's face reveal

Dream shocked his Dream community with a tweet saying that the mask that has become his persona will be coming off. He didn't say the exact date but the news quickly become viral and everyone was anticipating it. In a tweet, he said he would be attending the coming TwitchCon in San Diego, leading people to believe the face reveal will be done pretty soon.

Reactions of fellow content creators

The past two days had the community at the edge of its seat after a series of videos were released by Dream’s closest friends, top content creators, and influencers. 

Each creator received a video call from Dream, where he personally face-revealed to them and they recorded their reactions.

This list of people ranges from Minecrafters like BadBoyHalo, Philza, Tommyinnit to YouTubers AnthonyPadilla, MatPat, and MarkRober.

Fellow YouTuber Marques Brownlee called it a 'very interesting social media campaign' and we can't say we disagree! Due to the influx of reaction videos from content creators, the hashtag dreamfacereveal trended on Twitter. Each tweet with a reaction video had over 100k likes and people were discussing his upcoming face reveal left to right. Over 1 million viewers were waiting in the premiere room for his face reveal video. We'd say it was a very interesting AND effective social media campaign.

Why did Dream never reveal his face before?

In an Anthony Padilla interview, Dream mentioned how his facelessness on the internet was not exactly intended. When he first started making content, he said that it 'wasn't calculated'. And when he blew up too quickly, he was known for being faceless and it became a part of his brand.

Dream mentions that he had always intended to face reveal when GeorgeNotFound, his close friend comes to the US to live with him and Sapnap. And now that George has come to the US and met Dream in real life, he is able to do what he planned.

Dream's future content

Dream has stated that this face reveal will certainly change his content a little bit. He says that without the constraint of hiding behind a mask, he is able to go out into the world and meet up with fans and creators. He stated that he will still continue doing Minecraft videos without the face cam and he will do more in-real-life videos.

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