Amouranth and Mayichi to face off at Ibai’s boxing event La Velada del año III cover image

Amouranth and Mayichi to face off at Ibai’s boxing event La Velada del año III

Ibai’s La Velada del año III, or The Evening of the Year III, will bring the world of influencer boxing to Madrid, Spain.

Ibai Llanos Garatea has gone from streamer of the year, to fight promoter of the year, as the Spanish livestreamer announces La Velada del año III. 

The reigning streamer of the year, and possibly the biggest Spanish-language streamer in the world, unveiled his The Evening of the Year 3 event today (Feb. 27) with a plethora of huge names. Revealed in a stream on Ibai's award-winning channel, the landmark event will take place on July 1, 2023 in Madrid, Spain, at the Civitas Metropolitano, which fans of Spanish fútbol will recognize as the home stadium of Atlético Madrid.

Amouranth fights Mayichi at Ibai's boxing event

Chief among the huge names on the card is Kaitlyn Michelle “Amouranth” Siragusa, internet celebrity, OnlyFans millionaire, and capable entrepreneur. The streaming star has thrown her hat into the ring as the latest influencer to take up boxing. Amouranth will be trading hands with Mayichi, a Spanish streamer known for her Minecraft streams.

Ibai's boxing event - La Velada del año III card

Amouranth and Mayichi round out a boxing card of top Spanish-language streamers. Here’s the full La Velada del año III, (The Evening of the Year 3) full card for your consideration:

Ampeter vs. Papi Gavi

Rivers vs. La Rivers

Luzu vs. Fernafloo

Shelao vs. Viruzz

Amouranth vs. Mayichi

Germán Garmendia vs. Coscu

What is La Velada del año III?

La Velada del año III is the third edition of Ibai's own influencer boxing event. Previously the streamer has hosted two such events, with the replays hosted on his YouTube.

While influencer, and now, streamer boxing is nothing new, with Ludwig's Chessboxing event, and the Creator Clash becoming hugely popular events, Ibai's The Evening of the Year 3 is set to be the biggest by far. That's because it's set to be hosted in a 68,456-person capacity football stadium in Spain's capital city. While some of these other events can match the hype, none will be able to match the scale of this incredible boxing event!

How to watch La Velada del año III

The event will be livestreamed on on July 1, 2023. It's unknown if there will be an English cast to accompany the Spanish language stream, although more details may be released later.

Stay tuned to for more streamer and influencer boxing news and updates!