Streamer Amouranth has opened up about her abusive relationship yesterday evening on her live stream

Kaitlyn Siragusa, who streams as Amouranth, has detailed a laundry list of abusive and controlling behavior from her husband, Nick Lee. Amouranth alleges that Lee has threatened to kill her dogs, evict her from her house, squander and spend her money, and otherwise ruin her and her career. The allegations went viral earlier today after being posted by GUARD Hunter and Jake Lucky on Twitter.

In a series of heartbreaking clips, Amouranth detailed the abuse, called Lee on the phone, and showed off abusive text messages. She also detailed his attempts to threaten ruin her financially, and showcased broken doors and holes in walls.

The text messages detail threats to financially ruin Amouranth. These include shutting down her bank accounts, both her personal and business ones, including her content agency Real Work. Additional, he allegedly threatened to dump all her money into crypto and leave her with “just $1 million.”

“Don’t say [you’re not Single], it will ruin the business model”

Text messages from Amouranth's husband (Image via Amouranth))
Text messages from Amouranth's husband (Image via Amouranth))

Amouranth also described how Lee allegedly refused to allow her to reveal she was married, something Amouranth reportedly wanted to do. Lee’s purported reasoning was that revealing that she wasn’t single would “ruin the business model.”

Amouranth was one of the pioneers of the hot tub streaming craze. She is also known for her incredibly long live streams, regularly over 20 hours long. However, these revelations and allegations of abusive behavior seem to suggest that these monster streaming sessions and choices of content may not have been wholly Amouranth’s decision. 

Additionally, just days ago, it was revealed that Amouranth’s OnlyFans account was targeted by hackers. The streamer posted about the efforts to hack her on her Twitter account.

Amouranth and Nick Lee have been married since March 2015, according to records on the Harris County Clerk website. However, their marriage was not widely known about. Lee posted copies of their marriage certificates on his Twitter in 2020.

Amouranth has not posted on socials or gone live since the now deleted stream about her abusive relationship was posted. 

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