Adin Ross is permanently banned on Twitch, streamers react cover image

Adin Ross is permanently banned on Twitch, streamers react

Adin Ross has been permanently banned on Twitch. This happened just a day after the streamer made an official switch to Kick.

Adin Ross revealed that he has been permanently banned on Twitch. This ban happened just one day after Adin Ross made an official switch from the purple platform to the new streaming site, Kick. He has been involved in many controversies as of late which could be linked to his abrupt ban on Twitch. Adin Ross says there is a reason for the ban but his legal team advised him to not tell the public. Read more to catch the reactions of streamers to this shocking ban.

If I have blue hair and did my makeup, would you have banned me Twitch? It's a serious question.

Adin Ross responds to the ban

Adin Ross was one of the top streamers on Twitch with more than 7.2 million followers. He had recently made an official switch to the new live-streaming platform, Kick, which is backed by streamer Trainwreck.

Adin began livestreaming on Kick two weeks ago, although not exclusively, and in the duration, he streamed a number of controversial content that could land him in legal consequences. He streamed the Super Bowl which is copyrighted content to more than 100K viewers. Not only that, but he also streamed porn to his audience.

Adin Ross addresses the Twitch ban

Today on Feb. 26, the 22-year-old streamer revealed that he received an indefinite ban on Twitch. This is his 8th and likely final ban on the platform. This ban also came as a surprise as the American streamer has barely spent time live on Twitch. In the past week, he only streamed on Twitch once for an hour.

Adin Ross went live on Kick to address the indefinite ban.

It doesn't matter, I already locked myself with Kick. Thank god. Because I told everyone that Kick was out to get me. They were out to get me, they were out to get Kai (Cenat), they were out to get all these f***ing streamers. All. Every single one of these streamers.

He then said that if he had "blue hair, makeup, and long fingernails", Twitch would not have banned him.

I'm not even going to bash Twitch completely, but the one thing I'll say is this. If I have blue hair and did my makeup, would you have banned me Twitch? It's a serious question. - No they wouldn't have. I got permanently banned for no reason at all.

Adin Ross also stated, "Out of all 375 (*365) days out of the year, you banned the biggest Jewish Twitch streamer, on Hate Jew Day."

Update: Adin Ross then stated that there was a reason for the ban, but he can't disclose it to the public as his legal team advised him not to. The only info he revealed is that the reason for the ban occurred on his stream or VOD.

Kai Cenat, xQc, and more streamers react

A couple of streamers have reacted to the shocking move by Twitch. Kai Cenat, who has recently surpassed 200K subscribers on Twitch, felt like the situation "sucks" as he worries about Adin Ross' future.

"This sucks. This sucks in terms of - he can't do anything on Twitch. Okay (if) Kick doesn't do well, now what? If Kick doesn't go well, what's your full bag?"

xQc, who was playing chess on his stream, was shocked by the news. He simply shouted "Adin is what?" in disbelief.

Kick also posted a response to the situation, shading Twitch's policy. The site stated its benefits - not taking a 50% revenue, and not banning streamers for switching platforms. This indicates that Adin Ross might have received the ban on Twitch due to his official switch to Kick.

Asmongold, OTK co-owner, also talked about the Adin Ross Twitch ban. He was surprised to see the drastic move by Twitch and he struggled to find a logical reason why Adin deserves a ban on the platform. However, he also said: "Can we just be honest, that Adin Ross has been a bit of a problem boy for Twitch?"

American YouTuber and co-owner of Moist Esports, MoistCr1TiKaL, hopes that Adin Ross had already signed the contract with Kick as his ban would drive the streaming platform to negotiate his deal lower.

"I hope for Adin's sake, he already signed that Kick deal, because otherwise Kick is going to negotiate the f*** out of them to bring it way down. They made him a seriously high offer - it wasn't a hundred and fifty million - but they gave him a BAG, offered him a bag to move to Kick but that was under the assumption that he'd have Twitch. Like they had to get him off of Twitch. because he already has a huge audience on Twitch. But if that's gone, they no longer need that bag cause he has not really many other options."

We will continue adding more streamers' reactions.

*This story is developing and will continue to update this article with more details.