Kai Cenat the third Twitch streamer to hit 200,000 subscribers cover image

Kai Cenat the third Twitch streamer to hit 200,000 subscribers

Kai Cenat breaks a new record in his streaming career where he reached over 200,000 subscribers during his subathon.

Kai Cenat has achieved one of the biggest milestones in his streaming career, recently hitting 200,000 subscribers on Twitch, only the third person ever to do so on the Amazon-owned platform. The American streamer celebrated his achievement during his thirty-day subathon and he is definitely aiming for more.

The two other streamers who have broken the 200,000 subscribers threshold on Twitch were Ludwig and Ninja. Ludwig still holds the number one spot at 283,000 subscribers which he achieved during his subathon in 2021. Meanwhile, Ninja who is currently the most-followed Twitch streamer peaked at 269, 000 subscribers in 2018.

Kai Cenat's longest subathon

Kai Cenat's subathon which he calls Mafiathon is still running, now going into day 21. This is his longest subathon yet and he will keep on streaming until the 30 days. One can expect the number of his subscribers to see a significant rise as he nears the end.

So far, he has done a number of things to keep his viewers entertained during the subathon. One of the activities saw him and xQC, hanging out at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Here's a clip of the Game Awards kid crashing their stream at the Universal Studios.

He had also unboxed a very cool gift from YouTube's superstar Mr.Beast during the subathon. It was a replica of the Iron Man suit claimed to be worth over $15,000 USD.

Where to watch Kai Cenat's subathon?

Viewers can still catch his subathon on his Twitch channel. Kai Cenat will be ending his subathon soon in nine more days on March 4. He still has plenty of time to break more records and achieve more milestones.

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