RLCS Spring Major crowns Team Vitality as the champion, completing the teams dominating run in the 2022-23 Spring Season.

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Spring Major has finally reached its end with the back-to-back-to-back European regional champion Team Vitality as the tournament winner. The last Major of the 2022-23 season was full of emotional roller coaster, sweet victories, and the best of Rocket League.

The Spring Major champion will bring back $100,000 USD along with the beautiful RLCS Swarovski trophy.

Team Vitality won the RLCS Spring Major with the following roster:

  • Yanis "Alpha54" Champenois
  • Andrea "Radosin" Radovanović
  • Alexis "zen" Bernier
  • Victor "Ferra" Francal (coach)
Team Vitality after winning the RLCS Spring Major (Image from Team Vitality)
Team Vitality after winning the RLCS Spring Major (Image from Team Vitality)

Spring Major was a blooming journey for Team Vitality

Team Vitality has previously won all of the EU Spring Regionals heading into the Major, being the first European team to do so. They were definitely among the favorites to be coronated as the Spring Major champion.

It was a rough beginning for Team Vitality in the Spring Major. As the EU's number one team, they were set to face the top team in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, Elevate. Elevate has been showing massive improvement and gave quite a challenge to Team Vitality. Fortunately for the EU team, they kept their heads together and pushed Elevate to the Lower Bracket with a 4:1 score.

Moving forward to the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals, Team Vitality had to go against the NA Spring Open champion, Complexity Gaming. Complexity Gaming was leading with a 2:1 score before Team Vitality forced a fifth game. With a win in the overtime, Team Vitality knocked down Complexity Gaming to the Lower Bracket.

They then had to face fellow European comrade, Team BDS, in the Upper Bracket Semifinals. Team BDS was glowing with motivation as they started their Spring Major run by bringing down the Fall Major champion, Gen.G Mobil1 Racing. They took down Team Vitality convincingly with a 4:1 score.

Team Vitality then fell to the Lower Bracket with fear of elimination in every match moving forward.

Team Vitality's lower bracket run to the Grand Final

Waiting for them on the Lower Bracker was Gen.G Mobil1 Racing. The NA's last hope was heavily injured but very much alive as they survived against KRÜ Esports, OpTic Gaming, and Team Liquid on their journey through the Lower Bracket. In the end, the competitive heat got to Gen.G Mobil1 Racing as Team Vitality demolished them with a perfect sweep.

It was a bleak day for the North American crowd in Boston as the only NA team was eliminated. Ferra acknowledges the disappointment of the crowd during the winner interview and he hoped the crowd can still cheer for other teams moving forward.

Another challenge waited for the French team in the form of Rule One who was on their way to their happy ever after. Rule One was a complete surprise as they ended up in the top four of the RLCS Spring Major. This is despite them not having any RLCS LAN experience prior to the tournament.

Team Vitality had a hard time trying to end Rule One's fairy tale with three consecutive overtime. They managed to win every single time including an intense 12-minute overtime against Rule One's jaw-dropping defense. By the time the clock struck 0 seconds in the fourth match, the Rule One Cinderella run ended and they were eliminated from the tournament.

Rule One vs Team Vitality statistics in Game 3 with 12-minute overtime
Rule One vs Team Vitality statistics in Game 3 with 12-minute overtime

Rest assured that they still have the glass slipper, ending up qualifying for the Group Stage of the RLCS World Championship. Their impressive journey also gave a chance to fellow MENA team, Twisted Minds to attend the Worlds.

It is still not the end of Team Vitality's journey as they have to fight the last Major champion, Karmine Corp. Karmine Corp proved to be Team Vitality's greatest opponent yet, with both teams taking turns demolishing the others. Team Vitality was quick to end it when they reached the overtime of Game 7, finally landing them a Grand Final in an RLCS Major.

Grand Final with a successful Bracket Reset

Team Vitality once again had to face Team BDS. This time, they have to reset the bracket in order to win the championship. Prior to their match, Ferra went on stage to ask for crowd support through the first series of the Grand Final. He promised to wave the flag of the USA if they win the bracket reset.

Team BDS couldn't keep up with Team Vitality's aggressiveness in the first series. The crowd celebrated the Bracket Reset with thunderous applause as Team Vitality kept their promise and waved the USA flag.

It seems like Team Vitality feeds on the fans roaring support as they went and shut down Team BDS in the second series. Team BDS couldn't stop the early domination of Team Vitality in the last match of Spring Major. Goals after goals caused Team BDS to slowly lose their grip and Team Vitality ended up as the champion of the RLCS Spring Major.

RLCS World Championship is next

The RLCS World Championship is coming to Düsseldorf, Germany on August 3 until August 13. With the end of the RLCS Spring Major, we have all the invitations ready for the qualified teams.

There are eight teams going to the Group Stage of the World Championship. Meanwhile, sixteen teams are heading to the Wildcard stage. You can check out who's going to the RLCS World Championship over here.

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