Want a quick recap of the RLCS 22-23 Spring Invitational? Let’s take a look at the champions and the rankings.

The Rocket League Champion Series Spring season is almost done with the ending of six RLCS regions in their RLCS Spring Invitational. In the previous weekends, we have seen a back-to-back-to-back champion, a Cinderella run, and a new Major participant.

Let's quickly recap what happened during the RLCS Spring Invitational for all six regions.

Team Vitality to take a full EU championship sweep

Team Vitality just did it again, and they are looking stronger than ever. They breeze through the Upper Bracket, taking down Monaco Esports and G1 before breaking a sweat against Team Liquid. Team Vitality managed to score the last goal, leading to them meeting up with Team BDS in the Upper Bracket Final. They knocked Team BDS to the lower bracket and proceeded to the Grand Final.

Team BDS previously had an intense semifinal against Karmine Corp where they won with a score of 4:3. They managed to secure the Grand Final against Team Vitality after defeating Hogan Mode in the Lower Bracket Final. Unfortunately, they couldn't take down the French bees and Team Vitality took the crown once again.

We have also seen an amazing run by Hogan Mode, who was earlier knocked down to the Lower Bracket by Moist Esports. They then went through every battle with a boost of rocket energy throughout the Lower Bracket.

They then met up with Team Liquid where they won an intense Game 7. Going to the Lower Bracket Semifinal, they had to go against Karmine Corp, where they defeated the Winter Major champion convincingly. Unfortunately, their run was ended by Team BDS.

RLCS EU Spring Ranking

With the ending of the RLCS Spring season, Team Vitality maintains to be number one on the RLCS Spring Ranking. This is followed by Team BDS, Karmine Corp, Team Liquid, and Moist Esports. We will see all five teams in the upcoming RLCS Spring Major.

Spring Ranking
RLCS Points
1Team Vitality (qualify to major)80
2Team BDS (qualify to major)60
3Karmine Corp (qualify to major)54
4Team Liquid (qualify to major)48
5Moist Esports (qualify to major)43
6Hogan Mode27
8Guild Esports23
8Oxygen Esports23

KRÜ Esports winner of SAM RLCS Spring Invitational

With a vicious Lower Bracket run, KRÜ Esports managed to take another RLCS qualifier win for them in the recent RLCS Spring Invitational.

KRÜ Esports
KRÜ Esports

Timeless unexpectedly knocked them down to the Lower Bracket in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals in a Game 5 overtime. KRÜ Esports, with fear of elimination, win their matches against NOLA FLIGHT, w7m esports, and Ruby.

They also took down Team Secret and eRa, booking the Grand Finals against Ninjas in Pyjamas. KRÜ Esports were relentless as they managed to reset the bracket and take down NIP with a score of 3:4.

With that, KRÜ Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas are invited to their second major of the season. They have also managed to book the slots for the upcoming RLCS World Championship Wildcard.

Spring Ranking
RLCS Points
1KRÜ Esports (qualified for Major)72
2Ninjas in Pyjamas (qualified for Major)65
3Team Secret46
5w7m esports40

MENA crowns Rule One as the new king

It seems like the MENA region has found its new monarch. After a long rule over the number one spot in the MENA ranking, they are finally dethroned by Rule One.

Rule One was aggressive throughout the Spring Invitational. They almost fell in Game 7 overtime against Twisted Minds in the Upper Bracket Semifinals but they powered through and won the match. They then took a perfect sweep against Team Falcons, once again arriving at the Grand Final. They then won against Twisted Minds with a score of 4:1.

Team Falcons did not have a fantastic Spring season, despite winning the RLCS Spring Cup. Their disappointing placement in the first Spring qualifier set them back and they tried to salvage the points in the Spring Invitational. However, they fell in third place, giving chance to other teams to finally snatch the Major invitation.

Rule One, who has always been consistent with their achievement, will finally represent the MENA region in the upcoming RLCS Boston Major.

Spring Ranking
RLCS Points
1Rule One (qualify to Major)72
2Twisted Minds56
3Team Falcons53
4Geekay Esports31

Third time's the charm for Ground Zero Gaming

Ground Zero Gaming finally manages to win the RLCS Spring qualifier after three times being in the Spring Grand Finals. They glided through the Upper Bracket to meet against PWR in the Grand Final and won with a score of 4:2

PWR had previously defeated Pioneers in the Lower Bracket Semifinal, causing Pioneers to lose their chance of attending the Spring Major. However, Pioneers is still on top of the overall RLCS Ranking and is already invited to the World Championship.

It is now a tight competition between PWR and Ground Zero Gaming on securing the second slot in the Worlds.

Spring Ranking
RLCS Points
1Ground Zero Gaming (qualify to the Major)72
2PWR (qualify to the Major)68
4Merge Esports35
4the him police35

Gaimin Gladiators winner of APAC RLCS Spring Invitational

Elevate's attempt at taking a full championship sweep in the Spring season was not successful as Gaimin Gladiators took a last sprint to win the RLCS Spring Invitational.

In fact, Elevate almost got eliminated early during the Upper Bracket Semifinals as they face The Patriots, who have been a growing force in the APAC scene. They fell to the Lower Bracket and later managed to take revenge against The Patriots with a score of 4:1.

They then met up with Gaimin Gladiators in the Grand Final, but despite resetting the bracket, they had to battle it out in a Game 7 overtime. Gaimin Gladiators took the last goal and was crowned the champion.

However, despite the loss, Elevate still managed to garner the points needed to represent the APAC region in the RLCS Spring Major.

Spring Ranking
RLCS Points
1 Elevate (qualified for Major)76
2Gaimin Gladiators55
4The Patriots45

French Class joins Limitless as the representation of SSA in the World Championship

It is no surprise that Limitless wins the last Regional qualifier of the season. They have an almost flawless domination of the SSA scene, excusing the Winter Invitational where they previously lost against Nixuh.

They once again went against French class in the Grand Final of the Spring season. French Class has been a scary opponent, always challenging Limitless dominance. In fact, they even took down Limitless in the Upper Bracket Final.

Limitless managed to reset the bracket and they had to go through another best-of-seven series. Unfortunately, French class had to forfeit the match due to a power outage.

Regarding the rankings, Limitless stays on top with more than 60 points lead compared to the second place. It is previously confirmed that Limitless is going to the World Championship.

The real story here is the one-point difference between French Class and Orlando Pirates Exdee. French Class was in fifth place by the end of the Winter season, with Nixuh, Orlando Pirates, and White Rabbit Gaming eyeing the second slot in the World Championship. With constant second-place achievement in the Spring season, they gained sixty points, which wins them the invitation to the World Championship.

RLCS Ranking
RLCS Points
1Limitless (qualify to Worlds)176
2French class (qualify to Worlds)109
3Orlando Pirates Exdee108
5White Rabbit Gaming94

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