Vroom!! Vroom!! Here’s everything new in Rocket League Season 3.

Rocket League Season 3 is now live with the all-new DFH Stadium arena. The update also features a new Rocket Pass, new tournaments and challenges for players. The trading system for in-game cosmetics has also undergone an update bringing some quality of life changes to the game.

What’s new in the Trade-in update with Rocket League Season 3?

The trade-in system allows players to replace five items of the same rarity with one item of a higher quality. So players can trade in five uncommon items in return for a ‘rare’ quality item. Players can also trade in five exotic quality items for a ‘Black Market’ rarity item.

Rocket League Season 3 brings a brand new car, Tyranno and the DFH Stadium. Image Credit: <a href="https://www.rocketleague.com/news/patch-notes-season-3-live/" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Rocket League/ Psyonix</a>.
Rocket League Season 3 brings a brand new car, Tyranno and the DFH Stadium. Image Credit: Rocket League/ Psyonix.

Trade-in eligible items are part of three different sections: Core series items, Tournament items and Blueprints. Trade-Ins now have a separate section in the garage and the menu displays the number of eligible trade-ins sorted by category and rarity.

If you trade in three Ignition Series Blueprints and two Ferocity Series Blueprints, you'll have a 60% chance to receive an Ignition Series Blueprint and a 40% chance to receive a Ferocity Series Blueprint.

A big change in the latest update is that tournament series items and blueprints are usable in trade-ins regardless of the series. The upgraded item is linked to the series of the items you traded in.

Rocket League accounts have trade eligibilities now depending on their experience. An account with XP level greater than 250 can have unlimited trades per day (with a limit of 100,000 credits per trade). But a newer account will have a limited number of trades and a much smaller credit limit per trade.

What else is new in Rocket League Season 3?

In addition to the revamped trade-in section, Season 3 also features a new UI to the match selection screen. The video tab now displays an FPS drop-down menu in the video tab under settings. 

The new season will also feature NASCAR and F1 content, each with an in-game bundle.

As part of the Season 3 Rocket pass, the new Tyranno vehicle will now be available to users. Tyranno uses the ‘Dominus’ hitbox.

The RLCS Season X - Spring: North America Regional Event 2 kicks off on April 9 with a $100,000 prize pool. 

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