Rocket League expert Adam “Lawler” Thorton breaks down the first RLCS Spring Regional Event results for both Europe and North America.

RLCS Season X: New format’s impact on the scene

In Rocket League’s first major event of the Spring split, both Europe and North America showcased exactly why Psyonix was right to switch to a new format for the RLCS. Whether it was Godsmilla’s top four finish or Roll Dizz exit from retirement, both leagues put on a dazzling show that reflected in a combined 5+ million hours watched. 

In this season Psyonix eliminated League play and created an open circuit leading up to an international World Championship to be held later this year. The season has been broken up into Fall, Winter, and Spring splits anchored by three regional events that award both money and points. The goal is for teams to accumulate enough points to be invited to future events and eventually the World Championship.

KC Pioneers excite while Spacestation Gaming disappoints in North America

Rogue has been a top four team in NA this season which they further solidified with a 4-1 grand final victory over a streaking KCP, but for NRG, Envy, and SSG to all finish outside of the top four was a big shock. Kansas City had a surprise top two finish while the 9th ranked Soniqs finished third off the back of a formerly retired Raul “Roll Dizz” Diaz. 

This event saw The Peeps play under the FaZe Clan banner and Spacestation Gaming standout Arsenal deal with internet issues forcing substitute Satthew to replace him against eU and KCP in the knockout gauntlet. Outside of SSG’s unfortunate internet situation, the results reveal an NA field that has depth outside of the Big four.

Team BDS rolls while Godsmilla’s Team impresses in Europe

Team BDS has a strangehold on the European region with a near insurmountable lead over Team Vitality in the standingsts. Multiple EU organisations such as Team Liquid, FC Barcelona, Wolves Esports, and Team Singularity posted either disappointing results or failed to qualify for the first regional event. Meanwhile orgless teams such as Godsmilla’s Team and White Demons had top eight showings. 

The European circuit is much more open and shut at the top end than North America, but it was good to see teams taking games off of BDS and the further emergence of the Spanish RL scene. 

The next regional event for Europe starts tonight March 26th. It runs through this weekend while North American fans will have to wait until April 8th for more RLCS action.