FURIA Esports just won the Gamers8 2022 Rocket League, bringing home the largest prize winning in Rocket League’s history.

Furia Esports was crowned the champion of Gamers8 Rocket League, one of the biggest tournaments in Rocket League’s history. The number one team of South America went into the tournament as an invitee among the twenty-four teams from all around the world. With six Regional wins and an impressive fifth/sixth in the last Spring Major, FURIA came as one of the favorites. They brought home $500,000 USD, the largest prize in Rocket League’s history. This is to be broken by the upcoming RLCS World Championship, with $600,000 USD as the first prize.

If you want to find out the tournament details and how it went, you can check our full coverage of the Gamers8 Rocket League event here.

FURIA Esports run at the Gamers8 Rocket League

FURIA Esports started their run in Group C against OWL Esports with a 3:1 score. Moving forward, they took down F16 Esports with a 3:2 score in a best-of-five match. This puts them in first place in Group C.

Gamers8 RL Group C Bracket
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They will later go on to defeat Complexity Esports in the playoffs with a 4:2 score before securing themselves top four of the tournament.

Recap on the Semi-Finals of Gamers8 Rocket League

Gamers8 RL Playoffs Bracket
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On the last day of Gamers8 Rocket League, four teams from four different regions competed for the massive 1st place prize. The finalist, FaZe Clan, Guild Esports, Team Falcons, and FURIA Esports were confident going into the semi-finals with each team carrying their regions on their shoulders.

Guild Esports, the winner of Gamers Without Borders Europe, took down North American powerhouse, FaZe Clan with a convincing 4:0. FaZe Esports tried to make a run for it in Game 4 but failed to score the last overtime goal and ended with a 3rd-4th place. They brought home $200, 000 USD, meanwhile Guild Esports advanced to the Grand Final.

Team Falcons’s dream to lift the trophy on the home ground fell short. Winning second place in the recent Spring Major has put Team Falcons on everyone’s radar, making them one of the favorites to win the tournament. They owned the first three games versus FURIA Esports, bringing excitement to the home crowd. However, they faltered in Game 4 then crashed and burn after FURIA Esports managed to bring it to Game 7. FURIA Esports completed their reverse sweep with an intense overtime goal. Team Falcons also brought home $200,000 USD. Meanwhile, FURIA Esports advanced to meet Guild Esports at the Grand Final.

Grand Finals of Gamers8 Rocket League

FURIA Esports, fueled by the victory against Team Falcons, won the first three matches against Guild Esports. Guild Esports was determined to gain some ground in the fourth game. The last game was a one versus one (1v1) between Guild Esports’ Cristian “crr” Fernandez and FURIA Esports’ Yan “yanxnz” Xisto Nolasco. The burden was too heavy on crr as he tried to keep his team’s chances alive. Unfortunately for him, today is yanxnz’s day as he managed to win the final match for his team. Guild Esports didn’t manage to keep up with FURIA Esports’ gameplay and FURIA won the match with a clean sweep. Guild Esports returns home with $300,000 USD.

This is the first time a South American team takes international gold. As Caio “CaioTG1” Vinicius once said during the Spring Major, “-we came to represent a whole country.” They did, and they made their whole region proud.

More to come for Gamers8

This is the end for Gamers8 Rocket League, but the excitement is still not over. Gamers8 will continue the festival with a DOTA 2 tournament coming soon this July 20. The whole event will last from July 14 till September 8. It will end with a gaming and Esports summit that will bring together the experts in the gaming community from all around the world.

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