Six Sweden Major 2021 groups revealed – Who will make it out? cover image

Six Sweden Major 2021 groups revealed – Who will make it out?


The groups for the Six Sweden Major 2021 are set, and stands to be one of the most competitive events in Siege history.

After its announcement mere weeks ago, the 16 teams attending the Six Sweden Major 2021 have been set. The groups have been locked-in, as four groups of four will battle for only two qualifying spots each. Each region's domestic play has seen a massive shift in team strength. More than ever, this competition seems like anyone's to win. These are the groups going into Six Sweden 2021.

Group A - Two regionally dominant teams look to transition internationally

Out of the four groups, Group A seems the most 'top-heavy' with clear favorites. Comprised of Oxygen Esports, FaZe Clan, Rogue, and Chiefs, this certainly seems like the most clear-cut group on paper. Oxygen and FaZe are two heavy favorites to make it out, with their domestic performances speaking for themselves.
Despite finishing second, Oxygen had one of the best domestic performances out of any team attending. A clear cut above the rest, Oxygen's Franklyn "VertcL" Cordero finished only behind Hotancold in overall rating (1.37), K-D (+39), and ESR (+8). Widely considered as standing in SSG's shadow, Six Sweden 2021 is Oxygen's chance to break out.
The Brazilian squad is coming in hot from the COPA where they secured first place. Over the past 3 months, the squad has boasted an impressive 86.7% win rate in arguably the most competitive region. Though lacking a standout individual player, the consistency of this FaZe squad all but guarantee a spot in the playoffs.

Group B - Can Team oNe repeat at the Six Sweden 2021?

Juxtaposed to Group A, Group B seems like one of the more open groups at the Six Sweden 2021. The group is made up of Team oNe, Sandbox, Team Vitality, and DarkZero.
Though featuring the Mexico Major Champions in Team oNe, the harsh fall of this group's Brazilian representative has opened up an opportunity for the remaining three. DarkZero seem the most likely to seize this opportunity. Despite barely skating by into the event, the team seems to unlock a new level of play internationally. At the Mexico Major DarkZero escaped an exceedingly difficult group, led by the efforts of Paul "Hyper" Kontopanagiotis.
Six Sweden 2021 will be the first international event for Vitality in over two years while Sandbox will make their debut. This inexperience could massively hinder both teams in an event where there is little room for error. Team oNe and DarkZero seem the most likely to take the qualifying spots.

Group C - Fallen giants and rising stars

Group C is made up of Invictus Gaming, BDS, Soniqs, and Ninjas In Pyjamas. If played a few months ago, Ninjas In Pyjamas would have been clear favorites. The SI 2020 Finalist and 2021 Champions have seen an unprecedented fall from grace. In the Brasileirão Stage 3, NiP finished at an astonishing 9th place. Though performing significantly better in COPA off the back of Murilo "Muzi" Muzi, its difficult to imagine the team making a complete turnaround.
Invictus on the other hand has been trending upward after a 2nd place finish in the APAC region. Matin "SpeakEasy" Yunos has led the charge for IG, finishing second in overall rating (1.30) and K-D (+29). SpeakEasy is supported by a solid core, as Jordan "jrdn" Cheng has proven himself as the team's lead entry fragger (+6 ESR) and led APAC in bomb plants (7).
After an undefeated season in Europe, BDS are likely to top the group. While Soniqs could challenge for second, this group seems like IG's best shot at making playoffs.

Group D - The Group of Death

Group D may herald the most competitive group in Siege history. Boasting one Grand Finalist and three quarter finalists in SpaceStation Gaming, Team Empire, Damwon Kia, and Furia, this group is filled with wildcards.
Furia is one of the most interesting teams in the tournament, as they have shown incredible volatility in their playstyle. When performing at their peak Furia seem like one of the best teams in the world, embodied by Diogo "Fntzy" Lima's record-shattering game. By the end of the Brasileirão Stage 3, Fntzy still held in rating (1.33) and fielded an impressive K-D (+42) and ESR (+8).
Throughout their NAL run, SpaceStation Gaming only dropped a single game. As a squad, SSG may have the strongest core back by the best individual player. Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens has made a strong case for consideration as the best individual performer at Six Sweden 2021. Hotancold leads domestically in overall rating (1.48), K-D (+51), and ESR (+16).
Damwon and Team Empire will not give out any free wins to either of these teams, but at their best Furia and SSG should come out on top.
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