Brazil has had an incredible year in Rainbow Six Siege, as the region have taken the past few major events. Fntzy recently had the best single game in history.

It is no mystery that this has been Brazil's year in Rainbox Six Siege, and that their dominance over the scene has no end in sight. The 2021 Six Invitational saw an all-Brazilian match-up between Team Liquid and Ninjas In Pyjamas. The recent Six Mexico Major also saw Team oNe take the latest international title. Brasileirão Stage 3 has shown that the region has maintained this high level of competition.

With only four game days left, FaZe, Furia, oNe, Team Liquid, and MIBR all seem within striking distance of first place. The Brazilian league's most recent week of play have shown that their greatest competition may come domestically.

Fntzy's big moment for Furia

In their game against INTZ e-Sports, Diogo "Fntzy" Lima had one of the greatest individual performances in Siege history. Fntzy's initial ace led off as Furia's first round win in their eventual landslide victory. His second seemingly put the game out of reach for INTZ, as the team only managed to pick up one more round before Furia's 7-2 victory.

Besides being mechanically impressive, Fntzy's double ace is noteworthy in several other regards. First, he became the first player in Siege to pull off such a feat in Brazil, or any other tier one region. Second, after his incredible performance Fntzy now holds the all-time highest rating and KPR in a single match. By the match's end, Fntzy had earned a 2.73 overall rating, 2.44 KPR, and a 78% KOST. Fntzy took the title from previous holder André "Nesk" Oliveira, who found a 2.64 rating at SI 2018.

After the match, Fntzy now also leads in the league in average K-D (+32) and overall rating (1.48). Each region have their own best performing players however none have surpassed Fntzy in these two categories. The closest is Spacestation's Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens, who had a monstrous performance last weekend, but still trails behind Fntzy.

Can Brazil maintain momentum for the next Siege Major?

Both domestically and internationally, the statistics point to Brazil as the best region in the world at siege. Though Furia have skyrockted to the top of the standings, they are not the only contenders coming from the region. Nearly all the teams from the Mexico Major, with the exception of NiP, appear to be in similar, if not stronger form.

As it stands, Brazil is the gold standard in Rainbow Six Siege. As new and old challengers approach the November Major, teams from the Brasileirão will remain on top until their throne is toppled.

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