The Six Sweden Major will see the best teams in the world clash. These are the top five players most likely to make an impact on their teams.

The Six Sweden Major will bring together the best Rainbow6 teams in the world and see the most talented players clash. Though domestically dominant, many of the players coming into the Major still have yet to prove themselves internationally. The Sweden Major will give these players and teams a chance to show the world their potential, and just how far their squads can go. These are the five players most likely to make an impact at the upcoming Major.

1. Fntzy - The wildcard of the Six Sweden Major

FURIA are undoubtedly one of the strongest teams coming into the tournament. The team is a pure wildcard squad, as they have shown incredible peaks and valleys. Diogo "Fntzy" Lima has led the Brazilian squad's best efforts. Fntzy heralded the single best performance perhaps ever shown in Rainbow6. Pulling off one of the few back-to-back aces, Fntzy shot up in the region's leaderboards.

Fntzy enters Six Sweden with the highest overall rating (1.33), as well as an impressive K/D (+42) and ESR (+8). Dominating in both the Brasileirão and COPA, Fntzy has shown unmatched potential in one of the most difficult regions in the world. If FURIA are to succeed, Fntzy will have to lead the charge.

2. Hotancold - Back with a vengence at the Six Sweden Major

Hotancold had a record-shattering year in the NAL. Finishing first place on Space Station Gaming, Hotancold finished domestic play holding first in overall rating (1.48), K/D (+51), and ESR (+16). This is one of the highest individual K/D out of any player attending the Six Sweden Major, making Hotancold one of the most highly anticipated players to enter the Major's stage.

SSG had a relatively poor showing at the previous Mexico Major, dropping out in the Quarter-Finals following their first-place group finish. SSG has shown strides since then, as the core of the team has immensely improved. Hotancold has cemented himself as the top-performing member of the team, hopefully bringing SSG back to the Major with a vengeance.

3. Shaiiko - The K-D king for BDS

Following a Semi-Finals finish in Mexico, just narrowly missing a finals appearance, BDS returned to Europe with something to prove. BDS absolutely reigned over their competition, going undefeated in the regular season and only being pushed into overtime twice. The team now enters the Six Sweden Major looking to claim that finals berth that they fell just short of.

Much of BDS' success has come off of the efforts of Stéphane "Shaiiko" Lebleu. Shaiiko heralds the highest overall K/D (+52) in Europe, narrowly beating out Hotancold. While also leading in overall rating (1.38) and ESR (+13), Shaiiko has backed an almost equally skilled team. BDS are incredibly adept at making the most out of their lives per round, as 3 of their members (including Shaiiko) make up the top six KOST leaders.

On paper, BDS seems like a team poised to make a deep run in the Six Sweden Major. Should they recreate their Mexico Major success, or even strive above past performances, Shaiiko will have to keep up his form.

4. yass - Damwon's hope in the Group of Death

Surrounded by Team Empire, Furia, and SSG, Damwon have found themselves entrenched in the Group of Death. The Quarter-Finalists from the Mexico Major have escaped difficult groups before but required the superstar-like performances of its individual players to do so. Previously, Byeonguk "RIN" Jang's heroics pulled Damwon ahead, however now it seems to fall on Sanghoon "yass" Yoo.

In the Korean Open Autumn, yass found the highest K-D out of any single player in the tournament (+93) along with leading in overall rating (1.44). Though knocked out fairly early in the Autumn Finals, this slip-up does not counteract their months of dominance over their region. If Damwon Kia are able to rekindle the fire that saw them claim first place in the regular season, it will require yass to regain his footing first.

5. Dan - Team Empire strikes back

Despite finishing second in the EUL, few players have the flashy stats that have landed them in the top six of any of the categories. Still, Team Empire is an incredibly solid core of players whose consistency was only beat out by BDS. The Russian squad has already proven themselves internationally, but desperately need an individual player to step up if they hope to reach the finals.

Plenty of the players on the roster have the potential to pop off. Dan is the player to watch on Empire. Throughout the course of the season, Dan was consistently proven to be Empire's most consistent player. Though not topping any charts Dan still impressed. Dan finished with respectable numbers in overall rating (1.19), K/D (+26), ESR (+7), and clutches (3). Empire similarly finds itself in the Group of Death and will need Dan to realize his full potential if the team has a hope of escaping.

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